British Prime Minister Theresa May Speaks Out About Manchester Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May Speaks Out About Manchester Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May said police believe they know identity of the deadly Manchester attack but won’t reveal it now. More in a CBS News special report.

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20 Responses

  1. DeaDei says:

    Smart choice of words Mr. President

  2. philorg1 says:

    The Religion of Peace Prime Minister Teresa May. If the Brits do not deal with the actual Quran and hold Muslims accountable as our President did in Ryad this weekend, passing some responsibility to them in their houses of worship, England will be made part of their Caliphate along with Germany and France.

  3. Serenity Sigmon says:

    Why doesnt she get rid of the Terrorists that are wrecking her Country and raping their women and children.

  4. drivesmecrazy1000 says:

    The Religion of Peace strikes again!

  5. Johnnie Bowling says:

    and America wants to just keep welcoming them here are you out of your f****** mind

  6. Thorolf Hlm says:

    let me guess?? It has nothing to do with Islam?

  7. prince vince says:

    As long as there is the EU there will be open borders. Stop the EU is to stop the killing. MUSLIMS NEED TO GO.
    Its time to save your selfs.
    time to save your children.
    time to save your freedoms.
    PS to France you fucked up you had a chance to get Le Pen now your fucked too.

  8. remi kurek says:


  9. MrLouisfine says:

    Tragically and ironically, Arena Grande called it “Dangerous Woman Tour”. Victims, RIP. It is a very sad day.

  10. Maria Plaja says:

    This comment section sucks! Can’t believe you are blaming the muslim people. Muslims aren’t terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists. And the did not even say if the terrorist has a muslim background or not! Ya’ll are making assumptions!
    And Trump is just… a shame. The President of the United States should have more words to describe who carried this evil act rather than “loser”. He is just pathetic! Theresa May said wise words, i see how Trump meant to say what she said. But he didn’t.

  11. Pete's Games says:

    Terrorists don’t deserve justice, they deserve death.

  12. Carey Hunt says:


  13. Daniel Boon says:

    British leaders are failing their people.

  14. hiram hacklesworth says:

    Mustn’t profile or jump to conclusions here.  Maybe this was some blond, blue eyed Christian guy from Norway ticked off that he missed the concert and decided he’d express his disappointment in a way that was sure to get attention.   Hey, it’s possible, so in a spirit of political correctness and in a demonstration of not singling out a particular religion or ethnicity, at least half of the investigating resources should be devoted to ruling out every demographic, beginning with Methodist midgets before making any rash assumptions.

  15. santefering Sega says:

    Just ban Islam from the U.K and deport all muslims from the U.K
    All mosques should be destroyed

  16. Sean Fegan says:

    Leave out the ‘prayer’ thing, eh, Theresa? It’s the belief and interpretation of a ‘higher’ being whom we should pray to, that has gotten us to into this mess! Are you inferring that the Christian God is, in some way, superior to whichever ‘God’ these cowards choose to follow? ALL religions are dangerous!

  17. xavier quor says:

    No one talks about the children of Syria. 1000 children die every day from Russian bombing

  18. Baked Apple Pie says:

    You guys hear about those Amish guys who killed a bunch of random children? THATS BECAUSE IT DOESNT HAPPEN

  19. Tristan Gray says:

    fucking muslims.

  20. Krush Jones says:


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