Britney Spears Cold Open – SNL

Britney Spears Cold Open – SNL

A talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) features guests Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gina Carano (Cecily Strong).

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69 Responses

  1. Tal Moore says:

    I love how Aidy is still wearing mascara and lip gloss.

  2. shut up says:

    “Are you looking to post a lame apology 20 years late?”

  3. Jonathan Flora says:

    The mullet and cornrows combo is just…perfect.

  4. Rob Cli says:

    Aidy Bryant’s beard looks better than Ted’s beard.

  5. Jimmy is Promo says:

    That was perfect haha

    • apatriotone says:

      @Spencer Smith stupid ass shit was murdering thousands of seniors. Covering up the numbers just shows he knows he really f’d up.

    • Julie Janssen says:

      Easy pickens for SNL writers this month! You can’t make this stuff up.😂

    • Gavin Brando says:

      @Dan Brown This was cringeworthy about Carano. Also these fascists on the cancel culture train are the last people anyone should apologise to because they use it against you to justify trying to destroy your life.

    • Dakota Lustick says:

      I saw Chloe at an open mic in LA… not only did she kill her set, but I remember her crouching down in the back to watch ALL of the other performers. Which is pretty rare. That’s when I knew not only she was funny, but pretty cool.

  6. Dead Purple says:

    Everyone talking about Pete, but what about Chloe? She’s really coming into her own as well.

  7. Kelley seaton says:

    Are we really sure that wasn’t Cuomo dressed up like Pete dressed up like Cuomo…caused he freakin’ nailed that!😎


    Free Britney

  9. Erik Danielson says:

    “That’s right, and now I’m in hot water, which I’m told is a thing no one in Texas has”

  10. Matt Cee says:

    “We are not the same. I am a man. You are a clown. And if you mess with me, I will send you to a clown hospital…”

  11. Lizzard says:

    “I’m pretty bad at human stuff.” Yup.

  12. Jay Lu says:

    usually aidy is never the spotlight in the skits, she shine in this one, even cecily couldn’t keep a straight face

  13. Charlie Sacco says:

    When she said “you blamed your daughters” that was spot on

    • Patty J. Ayers says:

      …You hadn’t heard that from 500 news sources in the past few days?? It wasn’t a joke, just a fact

    • Charlie Sacco says:

      @Patty J. Ayers yes i know it was a fact. I was saying that the actress sounded exactly like the real britney when she said it

  14. AmberB says:

    I’ve never seen Cecily break like that.

    • vsedai says:


    • Joe Jacovino says:

      gotta be the hardest part of the job, keeping a straight face in the midst of so much hilarity

    • B.b. Gun says:

      Cecily breaks all the time now. She used to be a rock. Not sure what happened but she started breaking a lot in the last season.
      I wonder if she decided to laugh in skits because she realized the others were taking advantage of it to make the audience laugh.

    • Amelie Says Hola says:

      @B.b. Gun yeah I noticed she was breaking character and I don’t know how she’s breaking here when she never broke in any of the alien abduction skits with Kate McKinnon. She was a rock in all of those when the rest of were cracking up (Ryan Gosling and Aidy Bryant were not so lucky lol).

    • Samuel Seidman says:

      She broke in the Bill Hader “Wheel Chair” sketch. But everyone did, and who wouldn’t.

  15. Paul Menard says:

    Aidy Bryant wears a beard better than Cruz does.

  16. A G says:

    This is the longest Pete has ever stayed in character

  17. omar chandler says:

    “I will blast you to the farthest deserts of Tatooine!”

    Cruz: “Hey, anything to get out of Texas.”

  18. Colby Hanley says:

    Chloe Fineman is a fucking gifted comedian, she’s incredible

  19. Jack says:

    Omg she really did Britney justice, she’s the cutest human!!

  20. Ben Bauer says:

    Pete actually played a character who isn’t a stoner, I’m impressed.

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