Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls (Audio)

Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls (Audio)

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls (Audio)

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20 Responses

  1. Debora Almeida says:

    love love

  2. richard tom says:


    the song slays tho

  3. Abizard Rizky says:

    0:09 = Iggy Iggs <3 . haha*

  4. allMaddenNFL says:

    Terrible song.

  5. ModernMood says:

    Flawless > pretty girls

  6. Edinso Quintero says:

    If you don’t like Pretty Girls is because you’re a Ugly girl and can’t
    relate to this 

  7. Hachim Elmir says:

    2:44 long so that it can be played on the radios more often

  8. Tom Riddle says:

    +PopCultureLyrics go listen siri then idiot.Her voice is so good and you
    will deal.

  9. Martin Gomez says:

    LOVE THIS SONG! It’s Britney Bitch!!!!! ❤️

  10. catherine zeta jones- fan says:

    In some parts it sounds like ”Hollaback girl” by Gwen Stefani….

  11. Taison Taiso says:

    Amazing ♡☯✏️ ✌️✌️✌ ❤️

  12. David Prandoni says:


  13. Uriel Hernandez says:

    Fancy 4.0

  14. Salvador Ibarra Ruiz says:

    super buena cancion

  15. weirddoti says:

    I don’t feel Little Mix vibe but at the same time, I hear Little Mix 😀
    weird :D

  16. Nuwantha Dasun says:

    Britney him ’em one more time…with eggs. God I love Iggy

  17. Ryan Tedder says:

    This is 

  18. Tom Riddle says:

    Only ugly people dislike this song.

  19. Nisha Chand says:

    I actually really like this song. Great song for summer, too bad you don’t
    hear Iggy very much. 

  20. luizasej says:

    hit me baby one more time.
    Love it! I want more Britney!