Brock Lesnar assaults Kofi Kingston after The New Day’s victory: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

Brock Lesnar assaults Kofi Kingston after The New Day’s victory: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

After Kofi Kingston secures the win for The New Day, Brock Lesnar emerges to deliver a brutal message to the WWE Champion.


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55 Responses

  1. Rizky Arifin says:

    Welcome back To Smackdown, Mr. Beast. After 17 years.

  2. Nethan Lock says:

    Kofi vs Brock vs Orton at the next PPV would be awesome??

  3. Ioannis Stefanakis says:

    The Next Big Thing is BACK on SmackDown!

  4. Usha Suyal says:

    Imagine if brock wins title,then fiend wins universal title,At survivor series it ll be beast vs fiend

  5. All In One says:

    Lesnar looks like how he looked at Hell in a Cell 2018 on Sep. 16 2018. Now it is a year and a day later.

  6. Mr. A.A. says:

    *_2:12_**_ Here comes the pain…..F-5._*

  7. AviNasH KuMar says:

    Now Smack down live is going to be suplex city bi*ch

  8. Aanil12345 67 says:

    Brock Lesnar is coming and good design super and fox wwe title match All the best Brock

  9. Kshitiz Srivastava says:

    What about randy vs brock hell in a cell match

  10. UchihaDestiny09 says:

    After A Randy Orton Match Brock Lesnar Appearance 😀 ^_^

  11. A2 RB says:

    Paul Heyman: Knock Knock
    Me: Whose there?
    Paul Heyman: Mike
    Me: Mike who ??
    Paul Heyman: Mike lient broocck lesnaaaar

  12. Niko Nothing says:

    For The First Time I Will See Brock Fight In Sd Live Since 2000s

    • Dip dip Potato chip says:

      Smackdown will probably come and as its fixen to start Paul will come out and brock Lesnar is not here tonight and will say they will fight at a paper view event

    • FreakySquirrel says:

      @Dip dip Potato chip They need a good debut show on fox, honestly they will have the match but probably end it in a DQ finish so they fight at the next PPV

  13. Edward Leo says:

    No way Kofi beating Brock, I guess this is Kofi’s final days as WWE Champ,it was a good run tho

  14. Dawwas Ramadha says:

    Lesnar with a beard looks nice.


    Lesnar should grow his UFC beard back , like it was so good on him!!

  16. Itz Yankee says:

    Well here comes the pain..

    Finally on SmackDown!

  17. OUTN says:

    Lesnar wins WWE Championship and then we will not see him until Survivor Series because another Lesnar title run is definitely going to get the viewers in ?

  18. Pancak3s12 says:

    Everyone: YES!!! Brock lost the universal title he’s gone from the wwe.

    Brock: I am inevitable.

  19. The Expectionality says:

    Who Will Win This Match?
    Like: Brock Lesnar
    Comment: Kofi Kingston

  20. BiG LuLz says:

    Lesnar: Grows a beard

    Vince: Damn give this man a title shot! ?

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