Brock Lesnar learns an important Money in the Bank detail: Raw, May 27, 2019

Brock Lesnar learns an important Money in the Bank detail: Raw, May 27, 2019

“The Purveyor of Paranoia” learns that he has a full calendar year to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.


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56 Responses

  1. Champsy 2004 says:

    Heyman: how could you not know
    Brock: because I never competed in the f**king ladder match before

    • pisto30 says:

      +The_ Shortski You do know he’s been in this company for 15 years? I’m sure he knows what a MITB match is. Man, WWE just sees you coming don’t they?

    • The_ Shortski says:

      +pisto30 No. WWE don’t even know I’m alive and I don’t live in America

    • The_ Shortski says:

      +pisto30 And yes I am aware of how long Brock has been with wwe

  2. Kristy Briggs says:

    Brock saying screw you im going home like eric cartman off southpark says
    he even looks like cartman lol

  3. Tony Stark says:

    Brock: “i got a Year?”…

    Memers: Write That Down! Write That Down!

  4. PUBG mobile says:


  5. Amman Hussain says:

    This has made me enjoy seeing Lesnar for once lol

    Just hope he doesn’t win the title, coz I wanna see him run around with boombox for a while

  6. Code Nex says:

    if only lesnar be on the show weekly and wrestle as the other wrestlers
    wwe would be amazing

    • Dom Llorera says:

      +Code Nex ruthless agression lesnar was good tv

    • Code Nex says:

      Dom Llorera Yes and i miss those time if he can just stop being a part timer in wwe
      maybe he can change the show.

    • Dom Llorera says:

      +Code Nex a lot of things can change the show. It’s the repetitiveness of the segments that are killing it tbh.
      I only watch firefly fun house segments on raw tbh

    • Code Nex says:

      Dom Llorera Indeed.
      Part timers are the main reason why wwe is in turmoil
      and the failure of roman being pushed as the face of the company

  7. Jack and Jeff Hardy says:

    i love when Brock finds out he tells Seth about it like Seth didn’t know ????????

  8. N Andres says:

    One of MY FAVOURITE moments in WWE! smacking HEYMAN around with those PAPERS….?

  9. elliott j-s-r says:

    That was brilliant i now officially accepted mr brock in the bank

  10. Tamsyn CPT says:

    Seeing Brock Lesnar slapping Paul was my highlight of the year ?

  11. Eulalio Magana says:

    Brock smacking Heyman is hilarious
    Hope its a regular thing

    • Bryan P says:

      Bruh I’m all in for a new Brock lesnar. We got a new Daniel Bryan, a new miz and a new bray Wyatt. They are all gold. Now if only we can get Brock lesnar to wrestle again.

  12. United Nerd says:

    “I got a whole year” I know this is going to become a meme now lol

  13. nvb99 1999 says:

    “I got a year?”
    “yeah, a year”
    *smacks Paul with papers*
    “You didn’t know?!”
    “No I didn’t know!”
    “How could you not know?!”
    Lmfao this was great.

  14. slayerBO2EPC says:

    I want that Brock party shirt

  15. chris jake says:

    Big Damn Beast just learned something today! ??

  16. rohit roy says:

    *He is gonna cash in at survivor series in champion vs champion match*

  17. GAMER PRO1 says:

    The paper slaps should be Brocks alternate finisher in WWE 2k20.

  18. FunnyGuy 283 says:

    Okay, I’ll be honest, This segment was hilarious.?

  19. Aryaman Rai says:

    Brock is an amazingly talented dude..hope he stays full Time and gets more time on the mic

  20. Joshua Blu says:

    “I got a year?!”
    “To Cash In?!”
    Smacks Heyman ???????

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