Broner vs Santiago HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Broner vs Santiago HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Adrien Broner battled his way to a unanimous decision victory over Jovanie Santiago in their 12-round welterweight bout on February 20, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.

#BronerSantiago Fight Recap:

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93 Responses

  1. Deven Mosley says:

    1 minute highlight clip explains it all.

  2. God's Sun_1 says:

    Broner still doesn’t let his hands go enough 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Oliver Navarro says:

    Weak performance…

    • Jay Theboss says:

      Its his first fight back in 2 years he’s getting back into his groove. Plus he won and landed more power shoots and significant punches

  4. james bryan betaganzo says:

    The shortest highlight ive seen.

  5. dalziel castillo says:

    such a bullshit score card, no way it was unanimous

    • dalziel castillo says:

      @DAREALMAC POWER oh yeah? humor me

    • Jay Theboss says:

      @Floyd 972 stop crying 😂 AB had more power shoots and knock down punches AB won.

    • Floyd 972 says:

      @Drizzy Dres lol do you know how boxing is judged? It has nothing to do with what punches “look” better, it’s all about the actual times you get touched… when somebody has such a hit differential, (in this case the winner had less than HALF than his opponent) when you get HIT that many times, that not only means they are out classing you, but that means, they are throwing better, Not only did Santiago hit Broner more, but his defense was better and it prevented him from taking as many hits. Sorry but I can’t give “style points” to a boxer when he not only gets out classed but also there is not a single knockdown by either fighter (to me that means each fighters punches were weak). The ONLY reason Broner won that fight is because of his name… still astonished how somebody gave the guy who LANDED LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT HIS OPPONENT LANDED the win… if this would have been Olympic boxing (which there is no reason the judging should be different from professional) than Santiago would have won this no problem… but PBC has an agenda so…

    • FullClip Gaming says:

      @dalziel castillo obviously u dont
      Why would my scorecard influence yours dummy
      U dont know how boxing scoring works

    • FullClip Gaming says:

      @Floyd 972 i dont care who won i think i had santiago winning im trynna tell this guy why unanimous isnt the problem

  6. UserInterface00 says:

    Dayuuum, One minute highlight for a full 12rd fight? LMFAOOOO I bet it was a snoozer. 😂😂

    • gloria ledbetter says:

      It was a disappointment that the judges gave broner that fight.

    • Jay Theboss says:

      It was a Good fight Broner had more power shoots and knock down punch. Glad to get AB back the sport missed him he’s entertaining

    • Scott Brown says:

      You would be correct- I watched it and literally fell asleep around Round 6; woke up and Broner was putting his hands up in victory; came here expecting I missed something but the highlights were as boring as what I watched- same old Broner i.e., the hands dont start flying until 10 seconds left in the rounds he actually decides to start punching.

    • GeorgeyBlessed says:

      If you’re a casual with a low boxing IQ then yea you’d probably call it a snoozer.

    • GeorgeyBlessed says:

      @Tim Zulf so you didn’t see in the 8th rd when Broner caught him with a check left hook and made Santiago do the stanky leg?? Cmon son

  7. King Willie says:

    In the voice of Micheal Buffer……..Adrian “hurry up and wait to throw” Broooooonerrrrrrrr.

  8. king shark says:

    Ab, needs to get right back in the ring, stay there all yr, … just keep eating soup cans so he can stay in shape, improve, make a lil doe, build up a record and catch a big cash out fight next yr.

  9. 7thACT says:

    Adrien “Yall know I beat dat boy” Broner

  10. Pablo Escobar says:

    robbery. giovani brought the fight in the early half and the 12th.

  11. Ernest Sill says:

    Broner has one problem, can’t give up the gloves.

  12. Jahi Boyd says:

    I wasn’t too impressed with broner in this fight, still has a lot to improve on, good to see him back though.

    • ReyG 88 says:

      Why would you want to see him back though?

    • j v says:

      @Demario Birdow unless your floyd lol when he came back an whooped on marquez

    • Demario Birdow says:

      @j v Floyd is a once in a generation kinda guy and he didn’t just start off killing marquez Floyd was a defensive tactician and Marquez was a cone forward combination puncher that was like he perfect fighter for Floyd because he always took care of himself as well

    • Jay Theboss says:

      @cyto gee he isn’t done Tf you mean 😂 stop hating clown he just won after being off almost 2 years he just need to get make into motion and he will dominate

    • cyto gee says:

      @Jay Theboss yea he will dominate alright… tomato cans that is lol…. I’m sorry to say but broner isn’t going to change… he was off for 2 years ok.. so he wasn’t sparring or training in those 2 years? I bet money broner has been training for Atleast a year getting in shape and sparring … there is no reason for him to go 12 rounds with Santiago .. the thing about broner is he doesn’t really know what his style is .. is he a counter puncher? Is he a boxer puncher? He doesn’t throw punches… and when he does he throws a combination and misses half of not all the punches and he acts like he landed them… he needs to continue his pressure when he connects .. he’s tries to hard to be like Floyd but he gets hit way to much.. and almost all his opponents out land him with power shots 🤷‍♂️

  13. 3dgarify says:

    Good thing I watched valdez vs berchlet first and this one right now lol

  14. Knoda says:

    It was a draw I really can’t give either the win cus Broner barely landed and wasn’t fighting like he really wanted to be back in the ring and Santiago although he had more punches landed and thrown his shots weren’t effective at all

  15. FilCraft says:

    Corrupt judges lol, The scorecards was a mess. Even a fool would know that broner shouldn’t have won. A draw was the best bet, but then someone decided to give 10 rounds to broner like a corrupt idiot. He didn’t even do much

    • Do It For Mazi says:

      The boxing judges aren’t corrupt. They are literally professional level judges. If you go back and actually watch the fight closely, you’d notice Broner landed the more quality punches throughout the fight. Santiago was aesthetically pleasing to watch, but a lot of his hits were actually blocked. While I do believe Two of the scorecards were a little high for Broner, I still think he won the fight. I would say 115-112.

    • carlos sinatra says:

      Wow can’t say your wrong 🥇❣️

    • Jay Theboss says:

      @Killer Joe Broner had more power shoots and a knock down punch that’s why he won stop being a cry baby 😂

    • edward Velez says:

      That why I don’t watch boxing. The sport is corrupt.

    • Jay Theboss says:

      @edward Velez stop hating you sound weak making excuses 😂

  16. Jason R says:

    They must dont count body shots no more

  17. Dj Stewart says:

    when ab letting those screams out he feelin it

  18. Ricky Williams says:

    These the judges AB needed for the PAC-Man fight. A judge had the fight 117-111 FOH! 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Richard Chan says:

    When one of the highlights was from a punch after the bell you know it was a boring fight.

  20. BoxingOP says:

    My coach used to tell me this too, “Stop admiring your shots”, he needs to keep punching.

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