Bro’s Night Out

Bro’s Night Out

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36 Responses

  1. Malek says:

    who would dislike THIS !

  2. Shane Zen says:

    How do you even begin doing something like this?

  3. Joel Burgos says:

    Love me some boomwhackers lmao

  4. Paul Tuccillo says:

    what is this video format

  5. TheConst4nt says:

    soyboys night out

  6. dukiedu says:


  7. Nico The Rabbit says:

    Help me bro
    Why can’t a woman ask her brother for help?
    Because he can’t be a brother and assist her, too.

  8. DailyGamer says:

    This is so old and not its trending what tf is up youtube

  9. Sami Ullah says:

    Thank you for filming in portrait mode 😕

  10. Alexander Knight says:

    I am missing out on these videos because YouTube has gone to crap 🙁

  11. ipoopexelence says:

    This would be way cooler if it wasn’t so gay and more effort was put into it

  12. Joanna Wee says:

    0:40 my classmate everyday

  13. Rei Hasegawa says:

    This is what band does to you

  14. AZWZ says:

    The Pinnacle of Human musical achievement!

  15. prxnxv says:

    No other musician could ever come close to this level and mastery of music

  16. noah says:

    boy I would love to hang out with them

  17. PikayOsh says:

    Ah old YouTube, how I miss you!

  18. sam odyssa says:

    this is where Rock Band got there inspiration .

  19. MamaSee-MamaDo says:

    It’s cool but im like, why??? And how did this come about???lol hmmmm….I’m so confused at this LOL

  20. Kavens World says:

    Beer – The Creator Of Great Things

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