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BROWN SKIN GIRL · Beyoncé · SAINt JHN · WizKid · Blue Ivy Carter

The Lion King: The Gift

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Released on: 2019-07-19

Associated Performer: Beyonce, Saint JHN & WizKiD feat. Blue Ivy Carter
Producer: P2J
Composer, Lyricist: Adio Marchant
Composer, Lyricist: Jay-Z
Composer, Lyricist: Stacy Barthe
Composer, Lyricist: Anatii
Composer, Lyricist: Michael Uzowuru

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69 Responses

  1. T Luckett says:

    Dedicate this song to my daughter!
    Love this!???❤????????

  2. sbm_JaMya Johnson says:

    Being a dark skin girl, I really appreciate this song ??✊?

  3. BARBZ.E says:

    Noooo I spoke tooooo soon…..THIS IS MY FAV SONG ON THE ALBUM????….omg I felt every beat & every word……nahhhhhhh Wizkid you just blew my mind????????????????????????????????…oh wow

  4. stiff Ponytail says:

    I feel like this song was dedicated to me, nobody’s opinion matters anymore ???

  5. Jeniffer Jamas says:

    All my brown skin girls ?????? STAND UP!!! IT’S TIME TO DANCE?? AND SHINE✨??❤️

  6. luh Bebe says:

    Where all my brown skin shades and dark skin shades@!!!!?????????

  7. bennett botchway says:

    Same skin was broken, same skin is taking over. That got me in tears charley.

  8. TheAngelface135 says:

    Man Beyonce deserves every blessing that continues to come her way. As a brown skin girl, this made me cry ?

  9. AaronRagland TV says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. We gotta embrace all skin tones,body shapes,sizes,etc. Everybody is beautiful in their own way especially when it comes to melanin.

    • forwardNupward says:

      As a Hispanic woman, Thank you. We get put down alot and ain’t no one telling our daughters how beautiful they are.

    • Angela Davis says:

      AaronRagland TV yesss??

    • Frances says:

      @forwardNupward I have a little brown skinned granddaughter and someone once asked me ‘does she know how dark she is’, I can’t even imagine the pain all brown girls’ have suffered after hearing that comment…brown skin girl’s are Beautiful <3

  10. Alaea Francis says:

    The fact that Blue Ivy can sing better than me??

  11. Nthabiseng Ngayeka says:

    Wonder how much blue charged bey for this feature

  12. Down To Earth says:

    Protect WizKid at all cost. He’s one of Afrika peculiar treasure. ?????

  13. jenkook says:

    sad that lots of black women use the excuse to hate beyonce is that shes “overrated” when she’s out here trying to empower us and realize we’re beautiful the way we are

    • foo 83 says:

      @FRANK. Never overrated. People are huge fans. That speaks volumes when you touch people like that????

    • Brooklyn Jones says:

      AMEN AMEN! Beyonce is definitely not overrated! She deserves every blessing and all of the shine she gets! If anything she is underrated! Everyone should love Beyonce!

    • Briana Anderson says:

      Beyonce is also a black woman remember that as well she wouldnt get nearly as much hate if she was white or man

    • Blessing Ashanti says:

      Meanwhile y’all untalented Rihanna is shitting on you all and is supporting a man who has openly insulted black women!

    • Chi Non says:

      jenkook exactly

  14. moon wavy says:

    Pretty like lupita when the camera closes in…??????????????

  15. Makayla Mckinzie says:

    Blue ivy at 7 : becoming a pop star

    Me at 7: turning the lights off and on

  16. Just Me says:

    This song is so beautiful, I think celebrating black women is very important as some have issues with their skin color. Such as racism, self estime and self love, self confidance etc. And unfortunately some bleach their skin to become lighter ☹
    Am a proud and grateful african brown skin girl I really wish everyone can be happy the way they are. Because we’re all different and that makes us unique.
    Anyway, Blue Ivy’s voice is cute ?

  17. Persiagh T says:

    Beyoncé you just don’t know what this song means to me.??

  18. Reciee Davis says:

    I love my 4C HAIR AND DARK SKIN! 🙂

  19. Mia Maria says:

    I literally cried listening to this. It really touched my soul✊???#brownskingirl✊?

  20. Dani says:

    “Your skin is not only dark. It shines and it tells your story.” ?? Dark skin is so incredibly beautiful and rich, but too often underrated. God bless Bey, Wizkid & Blue for this anthem.

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