Browns vs. Steelers Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018

Browns vs. Steelers Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season.

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88 Responses

  1. Josue Tejada says:

    Browns are given so many chances to win games, but it’s like they don’t want it

    • William Kim says:

      Browns are just an awful team with a awful coach. I feel as if both Jarvis and Baker are wasting their carreers in cleveland. Im sorry cleveland, but you know it’s true.

    • Atiba Gaskin says:

      They had no chance in this game. Once Steelers got that by week out their system, it was over.

    • Keeshawn Perkins says:

      Bruh baker is a rookie wtf y’all expecting him to put up hall of gamer stats his first year the only thing the browns need to which they are gonna do eventually is fire the head coach but the browns future is bright Denzel ward is a stud 🤔💯

    • Steven13Neu says:

      Browns had no chance in that game. It’s not like they outplayed the Steelers in any way lol
      One TD was in garbage time and one was thanks to that free kick that no one on the Steelers wanted to grab. Cleveland was completely dominated.

    • danalope67 says:


  2. Escocivo 30 says:

    James Conner is a amazing RB. The Browns O-Line is TRASH!!!

  3. connor polsdorf says:

    steelers are so much better

  4. Derrick Jones Jr says:

    So sick of Todd Haley and these calls! I hate to say it but fire the head coach and fire Todd Haley.
    Starting to regret getting rid of Josh Gordon 🙄🙄🙄

    • Chandler Morillo says:

      Geoffrey Taylor nah……Saquon way better than this sorry ass trash ass garbage ass Baker Mayfield. You’re foolin for actually saying baker Mayfield is the best rookie out of that class

    • Bernard wade says:

      Geoffrey Taylor sorry dude Barkley is the best rookie now Baker if you say better than the other rookie QBs that’s starting ok that ain’t saying much

    • Joe McNulty says:

      They’ll still suck

    • Your mom is a white perch says:

      Derrick Jones Jr
      Todd Haley isn’t a bad OC, he doesn’t have the weapons he needs. Don’t blame the coaches when the players can’t block for the 800th QB you’ve had in 10 years. It starts in the front office. They are getting better but it can’t happen over night

  5. Americas Team says:

    First Lue, now Hue?

    • Black Skip Bayless says:

      Ty lue got fired after his first year coaching

    • Jim Stark says:

      Cleveland’s had a half dozen coaches the past decade and Hue has them playing the most competitive they have been during this period. Who the hell is Cleveland going to hire that’s going to make this current crop of personnel play better? Lombardi ain’t available. Hue ain’t Lue. Lue was an assistant coach moved up to replace the head coach because the coach they hired from Europe was an idiot – proven by the fact that no other NBA team has touched him with a ten foot pole since Cleveland fired him 4 seasons ago. Everybody knew Lue would be in trouble after LeBron departed and Lue was left with glorified role player, Kevin Love as his top star.
      Hue knows how to coach…he just has a team of young, unproven players…but still, this is the first year in over a decade the team has been competitive in just about every game half way thru the season. They need to finish the year improving on their competitiveness. This will continue moving them forward. Changing coaches is a dumb move that will only send them right back to square “A,” which is what they have been doing for over the past decade.

    • Pump Up The Jam says:

      TEAM CLASSIC SONIC When Hue Jackson actually finally gets fired

    • Michael Banaszak says:

      Forger Laurel and Hardy ….we want more of the Hue and Lue Show ….

    • Lakers Nation says:

      Well guess what hue Jackson is officially fired

  6. AGK927 2.0 says:

    The steelers will finish 1st in the AFC North

  7. Joe Budden TBE says:

    This week on days of our steelers…

  8. El gringo de la pampa says:

    The browns are doomed.They are born to lose.

    • Adam Zielinski says:

      +osu5inarow Typical Ohio Suckeye statement. Which is why i hate the Suckeye fan base and the broowwwwwooowwnnzzz fan base. Probably still want Hue Jackson to coach too. You’re a danny nut! I’ll just blame the officials too if the Steelers lose to the Ravens next week. Idiot.

    • Adam Zielinski says:

      +KelMaster Construction Big Ben calling the qb sneak twice on purpose obviously shows Haley would never call it. Not Ben’s fault in those situations where it wasn’t called

    • osu5inarow says:

      +Adam Zielinski You’re an embarrassment to whatever fan base you support if you want to act like this. Grow up.

    • Adam Zielinski says:

      +osu5inarow blaming the refs for loses is the embarrassment here. The Browwwooowwnzzz stink. They make dumb decisions and have players with staph infections. Don’t blame the refs. Blame your team because they are underachieving. They have tons of talent and need a coach. The position of being an NFL refree is a hard life. Calls will get blown from time to time, but let’s grow up and not throw beer bottles in the stands bc a dude blows a call. How about win! There ya go

    • osu5inarow says:

      +Adam Zielinski You must have missed out on the fact that the league has apologized every single week for getting a game changing call wrong. Hell just look at the raiders game where Hyde crossed the marker or when they took away a clean fumble return for a touchdown. But no you’re some immature child who thinks they’re some hilarious troll when in fact they look like a complete ass.

  9. Browns Fan Since 2017 says:

    Le’veon Bell ain’t getting that huge contract he wanted now from the steelers lmao

    • Tazz EightSixFour says:

      +You’reBlind Bless your heart, only innocents and morons keep looking behind them…. Past seasons have nothing to do with the present… I’m not gonna try to re-negotiate
      something that can never change and has zero to do with the current situation… Anything in the past is 100% guaranteed money, because he already has it… If you want to
      talk with the grown-ups, talk about the current situation…

  10. Drue White says:

    James conner is verygood wow

  11. Jorge Gaytan says:

    Block numbers on the Jerseys are the best

  12. ShoGuns Gas says:

    Joe Haden All Pro imo. Hes been Lockdown all season so far.

  13. Knowledge Seeker says:

    I wonder if Conner’s backup is coming back this season.

    • Mr. Stark I dont feel so good says:

      +thekingbradable bet if the tables were turned you’d be singing a different tune. Remember a day when Patriots fans complained about the steelers and refs. It was mostly because the steelers were winning. What a hypocritical fanbase.

    • thekingbradable says:

      +Mr. Stark I dont feel so good No, I really don’t remember that day, considering they’ve owned the Steelers for almost 20 years.

    • Mr. Stark I dont feel so good says:

      +thekingbradable WTH are u even doing here? Patriots videos boring you? This is a steelers highlight video. Steelers are an actual team.

    • thekingbradable says:

      +Mr. Stark I dont feel so good I am here to watch NFL highlights, then like and comment on said videos. You?

  14. Kamuela Faufata says:

    The Steelers Jerseys looking nice

    • Daniel Novosad says:

      Kamuela Faufata Definitely! I disliked the rounded numbers vs the older block numbers when the Steelers jerseys changed beginning in the 1997 season.

    • ZUZAINFINITY says:

      Kamuela Faufata I was thinking the same thing. They got the old numbers on their jerseys. Looks much better.

  15. Knowledge Seeker says:

    Wanna hear a joke?

    The steelers need leveon bell.

  16. Kip Allen says:

    We Got A Stud In James Conner Baby Beast Mode Huh? GO STEELERS!!

  17. Weiran Jiang says:

    I see why Steelers doesn’t wanna pay Bell that much money…they are building up another one

    • Knowledge Seeker says:

      Nathan Bohlig 1 sack in the last 3 games.

    • Alibaba Saluja says:

      +Weiran Jiang and an outstanding wr core can do for running lanes. Nobody will play press man or zero cover on pitt besides the Bengals

    • Mookie6209 says:

      +Nathan Bohlig we’ve had great running backs Whem our o-line was garbage. Back in 08 Ben had the most sacks in the league but Willy Parker definitely made his mark that year. Pittsburgh is just that good at developing running backs.

    • Taking Over says:

      Weiran Jiang running backs don’t last long in the league. Thats the issue, bell wants a long contract, steelers aren’t stupid.

    • Gains for Me says:

      Mookie6209 so true! Steelers had Bettis, Mendenhall, Parker, Bell, and now Connor

  18. Hamzah Fawaz says:

    James Conner is something else 😤 Le’veon Bell who?

  19. Chris Dropulich says:

    Vance McDonald is a freaking monster, he’s not a beast he’s a monster. You could be holding onto his leg and he will just run through you and then more Defenders after that. And I love that Joe Haden got an interception today against his old Squad. Man what a great game

  20. Jeremy Wade says:

    James Connor embodies everything that a Steeler should be.

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