Bruce Springsteen performs his classics at Hillary Clinton rally

Bruce Springsteen performs his classics at Hillary Clinton rally

Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen came out to support Hillary Clinton at a Get Out the Vote rally in Philadelphia the day before the election. Springsteen performed some of his classics including Thunder Road and Dancing in the Dark.

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20 Responses

  1. redneckwormfarm says:

    Bruce did you take your meds wth

  2. Danny Bruni says:


  3. Erin H says:

    Stand up vote for Donald Trump wake up people or be left behind if you
    don’t vote for Donald Trump you are truly a moron you think Hillary Clinton
    cares about you you are absolutely wrong and you deserve what you get we
    are going to take America back with or without you

  4. Erline Andrews says:

    Beautiful. Good guy to have on your side.

  5. isotope feeney says:

    Wit a minute…Bruce is a Democrat?? I’m shocked! SHOCKED!

  6. Angie Wilson says:

    politics aside – this man is our poet – thank you Bruce.

  7. Rich Sabatini says:

    Sad old men springsteen jovi desperate sell out traitors pathetic messed up
    confused… destiny weeping and gnashing of teeth in outer darkness
    seperated from truth and conviction you old sad saks make me feel so sad ..
    more is the pity!!

  8. Michael Doan says:

    Donald Trump will make history tomorrow. Election Day, corrupted Hillary
    Clinton will go to jail.

  9. ISSLO says:

    fuck you so much Bruce

  10. Hugo Matha says:


  11. alicia sciarrillo says:

    No decent musicians would perform for trump, they wouldn’t even allow use
    of their songs during his campaign.

  12. Olivier Coste says:

    Depuis le temps Bruce, t’aurais dû lire un peu. On est loin de Borne in

  13. Jamesjajohn says:

    So aren’t the Americans aware that Bill is a rapist? Is it kept quiet over
    there or something? I just I see women shaking his hand and smiling at him,
    I can’t imagine any level headed women would do that if they knew.

  14. Nicolas O Neil says:

    He is traitor, sellout, I am disappointed at Springsteen.

  15. CalugarAthonit says:

    She does what the Romans did 2000 years ago. She gives bread and circus to
    the masses to keep them blind, while she’s taking everything from them…

  16. D e v i a n t says:

    Bruce Springsteen is a man’s man, the everyday day man, the working man,
    the family man, the homeless man, all men, women and children.

  17. Joanna C says:

    In a few short hours after the rigged election results are announced
    Hellbilly and all the rest of the pond scum will hobble onto Epsteins plane
    and go celebrate at pedo island. ..again. The US government are all
    psychotic puppets ruled by the zionist shadow government. Evil personified,
    all of them.

  18. justmadeit2 says:

    Do you agree with this ? : I dont care who gets voted in to power, but…
    id kind of prefer it if bruce springsteen didnt support anyone and spoke
    out against the arms trade and drone strikes that kill children in far off
    lands, it seems hes become part of the establishment. The establishment are
    resposible for wars and for arms deal…..if hes going to use his celebrity
    for better things, supporting politicians shouldnt be one of them. Thumbs
    up if you agree.

  19. Shock The Boring - You Tube says:

    I wanted to go but I got off work at 8 PM. HILLARY ALL THE WAY

  20. Big Macdaddy says:

    Government approved rock and roll, whoo were partying now! ?