Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like PARODY! The Key of Awesome #119

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like PARODY! The Key of Awesome #119

Everyone likes Bruno Mars, except for the guy animating this video
Behind the scenes:
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Written by Mark Douglas, Evan Kaufman, and Doug Larsen

Bruno Mars – Kevin Rivera
Bruno vocals – Jeff Washburn

Directed by Mark Douglas
Choreography – Courtney Ortiz
Edited by Doug Larsen and Greg Murtha
Animation by Dan Melius

DP – Bob Geile
Gaffer/AD – Doug Larsen
Producer – Lisa Solimeo
Props and Costumes – Cara Alpert
BTS camera – Greg Murtha

Music produced by EMW Music Group
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Galindo at EMW Studios NYC

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20 Responses

  1. Erica Fabulous says:

    sexy Bruno actor. more from him please.

  2. Carrot Wonderland says:

    notification squad?

  3. Crazykk901 asdf says:

    oh wow im early

    i want guacamole

    dont let me drown

  4. Sam Ortner says:

    im never been so early

  5. Nimit Agrawal says:

    Who else liked before watching?

  6. The GP Bros says:

    Bruno Mars + the weeknd = Micheal Jackson

  7. LuckyChloeGaming says:

    This was so good lmao.

  8. insanely perfect says:

    I still don’t know who is Julio.

  9. EmotionalPotato says:

    Hey.. it’s my birthday today.. Can I get some likes?

  10. ζīĪØ Nr. 260914210 says:

    What’s a heimlich…?

  11. S. I. V. says:

    That ‘Far Reich’ joke though… All the Dislikes are probably from the hurt Republicans.

  12. Rose Dream says:

    The Key of Awesome is seriously the best parody channel ever. I love this video even tho I didnt know the original song.

  13. Virat Nigam says:

    Who’s the voice actor?! He is spot on!

  14. SdreamworksL says:

    I don’t even care to watch the originals if I haven’t seen them before. These parodies will do the job.

  15. The Key of Awesome says:

    Bruno Mars v Julio – but who will win? Let us know what song we should do next! Don’t miss the Behind The Awesome:

  16. Jake Rebel says:

    Love this song and I thought u were gonna ruin it but it’s actually really good

  17. Demersal Niel says:

    why is this so good

  18. Chrissy Wager says:

    Loving this! May be one of your best ones yet — The lyrics are spectacular, Kevin nailed the dances, and Jeff’s vocals are on point 🙂

  19. Jiyū says:

    Any Hooligans here?

  20. clarofelicial says:

    I love ur parodies so much bc u really know how to do MUSIC parodies. U always get talented actors and singers, all of ur vids are made with love for comedy & music and decent humour. Please keep up that great work guys. ❤

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