BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Premiere Party on RELEASED

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Premiere Party on RELEASED

Watch BTS’ new video ‘Permission to Dance’ MV (Shorts Challenge ver.)

On this episode of RELEASED, BTS talks with Chris Martin of Coldplay about the meaning and inspiration behind the “Permission to Dance” Challenge on YouTube Shorts. The Week’s Official Premiere Party + Video Drop. RELEASED, every Thursday only on YouTube. #RELEASEDonYT #BTS #PermissiontoDance

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24 Responses

  1. MrSammyCam says:

    I’m so grateful for this opportunity to speak to the boys about how they’ve changed mine and so many others’ lives over this past year; a dream come true!

  2. mary design says:

    This is how you do an interview. It was not just questions and answers instead they shared their mutual passion of music and feelings.

  3. Jamelia_ 차밀랴 says:

    Я обожаю Крис Мартина и после интервью с нашими ребятами, меня переполняет гордость, Спасибо я плачу

  4. Rubi Soriano says:

    Que belleza. Me llena de emoción ver como un ídolo para ellos les expresa su respeto y admiración, de manera mutua. Se que fue algo muy significativo para ellos. Ver el impacto positivo de los chicos en el mundo sin dada hace sentir que como parte del fandom estamos en el lugar correcto, seguimos a las personas correctas. Y personalmente estaré a su lado hasta el final y serán parte de mi vida hasta el último de mis días. <3

  5. Neonila Pritulchik says:

    Privet ! Мне кажется, что талантливые ребята BTS достояние южной Кореи и им могли сделать исключение, не призывать в армию!!! И ребята радовали бы нас и весь мир своим творчеством. Многие из нас стали интересоваться страной, учить корейский язык…

  6. Baby ARMY says:

    I live in the middle of America and every year I see more and more BTS fans. It makes me smile.

  7. A.M.J says:

    우리 아랍군은 당신을 사랑하고 지원합니다 نحن الارمي العرب نحبكم وندعمكم💜🐼

  8. I BLINK & remember ARMY says:

    Everyone: sitting on chairs and everything
    Meanwhile Jin* I am the world——– wide——- handsome king😎

  9. khaby_lame says:

    Everyone : ” This is the worst year ever ”
    BTS : “Sorry but not for us ”


  10. lina best girl says:

    “Yesterday is History”
    “Tomorrow is mystery”
    “Today is a Gift”
    “That’s why it’s called a present”
    We love you BTS 💜😘😘😘

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