BTS: The K-pop Group Dish On Their Favorite Dance Moves, Nicknames & More | Entertainment Weekly

BTS: The K-pop Group Dish On Their Favorite Dance Moves, Nicknames & More | Entertainment Weekly

BTS stars RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook share their favorite dance moves, which of them is the messiest and more.
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BTS: The K-pop Group Dish On Their Favorite Dance Moves, Nicknames & More | Entertainment Weekly

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51 Responses

  1. jungkook jeon says:

    Jhope better chill out on dat crip walk..??

  2. You Got No Jams says:

    Jin: Worldwide handsome cause I made that nickname. -3-
    Me: * Tries to come up with theories *

  3. shamille724 says:

    Omg J-Hope I haven’t thought of the C-walk in like 13 years thank you so much

  4. Awkward Animator says:

    Namjoon: We’re the dirty ones! *pure smile*
    Me: Namjoon. Dont add that pure smile. You know you sang expensive girl.

  5. euphoria연 says:

    Why does Jin look mad when RM says “JK, and J-Hope are the cleanest” ?

  6. XxCARATlifexX says:

    Me knowing jungkook still can’t speak english while jin and jhope can speak it well

    Me *BISH WTF?!*

    • XxCARATlifexX says:

      +Regan Rose ya,i think his english improve ?

    • Regan Rose says:

      +XxCARATlifexX same
      you can tell in one of the Grammy interviews

    • Xin Jie says:

      Tbh I think Jungkook can speak English but he’s not fluent because he’s shy to speak it unlike Jin and Hobi who’s always very daring and brave to try speaking english. That’s what I noticed when I went to their concert in Singapore. Jungkook can speak but he’ll choose to speak Korean in stead because he’s better at expressing in Korean and is shy to try speaking english.

    • Regan Rose says:

      +Xin Jie you do have a point there

    • Mari Am says:

      +Xin Jie also the answer of his question was a bit long and difficult unlike jin’s and jhope’s

  7. Ianna Tyus says:

    j-hope did not just crip walk. *he did not.* ?

    he killed it.

  8. Ashley lauren says:

    Hoseok’s mic drop verse is so iconic, i’m glad he knows it.

  9. Jasmine Situ says:

    Jin: my favourite nickname is “worldwide handsome” because I made the nickname
    Jungkook and Taehyung: *clears throat*

  10. Mel LuvsKPOP says:

    I’m proud of Jin and hobi for their English man!!!! They improved and I’m proud of BTS for making this interview

  11. two_little_angels Patrick star says:

    Jin is like my fav nickname is worldwide handsome and I’m like very very true Jin ?

  12. Stormy Mota says:

    Omg!! Did any notice that Jin’s English got like 5x better?!!!

  13. Holly S says:

    Jhope tries so hard in English and does so well. Super proud <3

  14. kththestic says:

    So hobi was listening to Ariana Grande *7 Rings* WHAT A INTERNATIONAL FANBOYY

  15. tiger taehyunq says:

    when jin said “you’re a very nice director” his accent really improved a lot

  16. Katia _BTS says:

    When Jin was saying what his favorite nickname was, for a second I forgot that he can’t speak English

  17. Sweet like Suga says:

    Hoseok – “I like hip hop. You know C-walk?”

    jimin & namjoon: *continue to sing 7 rings by Ariana Grande*

  18. Unicorn Yoonmin says:

    Jin:”Worldwide Handsome” because I made that name
    (Is there something we don’t know or I don’t know)

  19. samuraijoo7 says:

    I love this interview. EW clearly did their homework. Great questions~ loved asking Kookie about GCFs! also lol Namjoon and Jimin, please work on cleaning your rooms. Jin’s english has improved even more!

  20. tado chan says:

    Jin : my favorite nickname is worldwide handsome.

    Me : Oh of course i’m not even surprised anymore… And i love that nickname for sure tho

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