Bubba Watson’s unique ruling during Round 3 at RBC Heritage

Bubba Watson’s unique ruling during Round 3 at RBC Heritage

In the third round of the 2020 RBC Heritage, a crab crawled under Bubba Watson’s ball in a bunker resulting in an unusual rules situation. Watson would wait for the crab to crawl out before playing.

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34 Responses

  1. GENZ says:

    fun fact:

    RBC stands for Ruling Bubba’s Crab.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    He’s a little feller.

  3. Dan Geiger says:

    “We’ve got enough issues in our world right now, the last thing we need is crab issues.” Quote of the year

    • Russell Stewart says:

      Wow. First time I have laughed out loud for real. Take that saying to the bank and cash it in. Hahahaha ..gotta love it. Only because I was just thinking his ball would move at address. Sorry, not thinking about crushing a crab. My bad.

    • Russell Stewart says:

      “CRAB Issues”, by Bubba Watson. write it down.

    • Adam Barnett says:

      And you misquoted it. Nice job.

  4. Teadawg says:

    “I dont want the world gettin mad at me, know what im sayin?” lol

  5. Brian Carroll says:

    “We got enough issues going on right now we don’t need crab issues”

  6. Wavy Bone says:

    Crazy that he’s not wrong… people would actually get offended by him killing a small crab

    • spikeannoyed says:

      Nobody sees it if he doesn’t make the fuss… he makes a fuss to try get an easier shot .

    • Zoe TheCat says:

      @spikeannoyed Uh no. He’s not Patrick Reed. He KNOWS that TV captures everything, and I’m quite sure he did it to avoid controversy. He knows he won’t be getting relief from the fried egg (Hold the crab).

    • Saratogan says:

      spikeannoyed, there is always someone with their camera on.

  7. hectorbeer says:

    1:55 best comment 🤣🤣

  8. Wally17 says:

    Haha, Rory said, “Not the sort of crab issues most people… (inaudible).”

  9. tcfreestyler123x says:

    He’s right about 2020 people

  10. Luke Fisher says:

    Rory at the end: “Not the sort of crab issues most people are worries about” lmaoooo

  11. Bryce Micky says:

    Rory’s comment at the end is amazing.

  12. Cellar Door says:

    “Not the sort of Crab issues most people talk about”- Rory McIlroy at the End of this video 🤣🤣🤣

  13. reuk says:

    Bubba makes me learn more about the ruling 😁

  14. boaz63 says:

    Not the sort of “crab issues” most people are worried about… (Nice comment caddie!) 😂

  15. Peter Coffey says:

    Official:…you called me up here to look at a crab under your ball ?….just hit the ball !

  16. James Youngblood says:

    Bubba’s Crab shack sounds like the name of a good restaurant.

  17. Hitting It Solid Golf says:

    Love that commentary from Bubba, we got enough issues in the world today … we don’t need crab issues 🙂

  18. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    “We got enough issues going on right now we don’t need crab issues”

  19. djjazzyjeff123 says:

    Opinion: They should’ve mic’d up the players YEARS ago. It’s only been a couple weeks and there’s already been some gold come out of it lol.

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