Led by Chris Paul’s 32 PTS (12-19 FG) and 9 AST, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 118-105, in Game 1. Devin Booker (27 PTS, 6 AST) and Deandre Ayton (22 PTS, 19 REB, 8-10 FG) added 49 PTS for the Suns in the victory, while Khris Middleton (29 PTS, 7 REB, 4 AST) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (20 PTS, 17 REB, 4 AST) combined for 49 PTS for the Bucks. The Suns lead this best-of-seven series, 1-0.

Next Game:
Milwaukee Bucks at Phoenix Suns – July 8 at 9pm/et on ABC

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48 Responses

  1. Dont Mess with me says:

    Chris paul giving everything he got for 16 years for this moment.

    • seaor2k says:

      @Skip Bayless Is it going to help K. Leonard’s and LBJ’s legacy when they beat the Injury riddled GSW team for the championship? What about the time when LBJ purposely got D. Green suspended from two games during the Finals during GSW’s historic win 82 win season?

    • seaor2k says:

      @Carson Carpenter I don’t think you realize that the correct spelling for injuries is injuries not injury’s.

    • seaor2k says:

      @Carson Carpenter Pointing out facts, whether you want to hear it or not hear it, is not hating.

    • seaor2k says:

      @David Gonzales Facts don’t equate to hate.

    • Christian Bruh says:

      @LeUltraInstinct I agree with everything except one thing. Ayton played The Joker and neither were hurt so i’m a little confused considering they both averaged double-doubles that series?

  2. Alpha Male Strategies - AMS says:

    Chris Paul looks like he has a lot left in the tank!

  3. Catching Sports says:

    Man, Chris Paul is getting younger each game. Carry On CP3!

  4. B-Luv812 says:

    nba needs to bring back the finals logo on the court wtf

  5. BE C says:

    Even with the surprise return of Giannis, the Suns had way too many weapons for the Bucks to handle tonight in Game 1. Chris Paul played amazing and is three games away from his 1st ring. I am fine with either team winning it all so I’m just hoping for a fun and competitive series.

    • Javon Gibbs says:

      @Jaron Samuel no it wasn’t the difference in the game was the bucks simply couldn’t stop nobody if you watched between Booker & Cp3 abusing Lopez & portis as well as ayton going 80% from the field it wasn’t till late in the game bud realized giannis playing the 5 was there most effective lineup…

    • Dalton Huling says:


    • grindn10101 says:

      @Chris’s Fishes bro you’re delusional. So the bucks looked overmatched

    • Jr Rizz0 says:

      @grindn10101 the Bucks looked way overmatched…. Suns bench is too deep. Bucks don’t have the bench like the suns do. Giannis was easily at 90% last night. You don’t run the court in 4 seconds and jump in the air from the FT line to block a shot if you’re hindered. Suns in 5

    • grindn10101 says:

      @Jr Rizz0 bro I haven’t made excuses. But to say they looked overmatched is a complete stretch. Lol damn makes me wonder did u watch the game where a commentator said wow they aren’t calling fouls on the suns on drives. But anyway it was a good game an its alot more series left.

  6. caɹl says:

    The court is missing “The Finals” decals

    • William Levy says:

      @BILL PAXTON I’m confused. Are you commenting about Arizona ? Arizona is a basketball first state. The Suns were great with Steve Nash until 2010 and Goran Dragic was above average for the Suns. Robert Sarver, the majority owner of the Suns is the only reason you might think Phoenix isn’t a basketball crazy city. Since 2005 he has made many bad financial decisions with the Suns that affected how much they’ve won.

    • Quinton Robinson-Holder says:

      @BILL PAXTON ain’t nobody watch the cardinals, except you maybe (and a lot of other die hard nfl fans)

    • Kosm _ says:

      @Kyle C. you mean the year mavs were robbed?

    • Alan Parks says:

      liberals were offended by it so they removed it

    • Barak says:

      @BILL PAXTON you cappin

  7. Cryptic_origin _ says:

    Bucks catching up in the fourth
    Chris: oh y’all forgot I was an all-star

    • Berto A says:

      @May Kalalmao yes he went out there all by himself. At least he didn’t sell them short like he did the spurs and clippers

    • May Kala says:

      @Bricky River I was referring to Khris Middleton NOT Chris Paul

    • BBQBlaze KyleG says:

      @Edward Nigma I’m not a raps fan but people forget just how good defensively that team was. One of the best defensive teams I’ve seen.

    • BBQBlaze KyleG says:

      @Berto A How did he sell the Spurs short? They won a ring and he won a FMVP.

  8. enzo D says:

    Am i the only one here who is scared for giannis everytime he jumps? 🙈

  9. zyxwut321 says:

    Chris Paul has everything to play for and is playing like it.

    • Mike M says:

      more durable than Lebron James. LBJ is done he will never make another finals as the best player. He needs to take a backseat to AD and ask him are we there yet? in the back seat you feel me?

    • Jaime P says:

      Against injured teams. Please

    • Ambulant Gaming says:

      @Jaime P injured teams? Cp was also injured, you can blame injuries but is still playing amazing against a bucks team led by the MVP and DPOY from recent seasons, + Lopez Middleton etc

    • zzambles says:

      @Mike M shut up old head 😹

  10. Marcus P says:

    This Phoenix crowd is like that! When CP and Book were cooking, the building was ELECTRIC! ⚡️

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