Budweiser USA: 2016 Super Bowl Commercial | #NotBackingDown :60

Budweiser USA: 2016 Super Bowl Commercial | #NotBackingDown :60

We’re big. We have clydesdales, not ponies. We’re proud to be America’s #1 full-flavored lager. Budweiser is 140 years going strong, and we’re #NotBackingDown.

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20 Responses

  1. jewstin says:

    Baauer gettin’ that budweiser money ayyyy

  2. Cris Valenzuela says:

    Then quit buying small breweries and contradicting yourselves morons.

  3. JR DUGAL says:

    Nope, i want puppies!!!

  4. Kristen Bogren says:

    Budweiser your marketing team FAILED ….Please tell us you have a cute
    puppy and Clydesdale commercial on the back burner to surprise us all? I am
    glad you are not backing down in 2016 but this commercial, if its indeed
    your big Superbowl commercial is a downer compared to your past..

  5. bleedorange2332 says:

    Not for everyone. Yea, only for people who like good beer.

  6. BEARS6 says:

    😑that moment when you realize that there is no puppy’s and horses that
    will make you cry😑

  7. Humming Birder says:

    It was absolutely no fun watching that at all. A disjointed jumble of
    manufacturing images with a keg in the middle. Because everyone buys a keg
    of Bud for the Superbowl.

  8. John Hall says:

    Should’ve let the guy from TN that wrote the last 3 keep working on them.
    This sucks ass.

  9. Christine Tutcher says:

    Epic fail!

  10. Brittany Holmes says:

    Lamest Budweiser commercial ever! Use to stand from the crowd with their
    ads, now they sound just like all the other brands smh

  11. VooDooRocketry says:

    Not , never……negative to the hilt. They getting into politics? Chill
    and enjoy life……sheesh.

  12. Lisa Mesa says:

    Should’ve stuck with puppies and Clydesdales

  13. phillip kent says:

    there is still another commercial coming out for the Clydesdales.

  14. Chitose Kurosawa says:

    Introducing Budweiser’s worst Super Bowl commercial….. very disappointed.

  15. EraserDH says:

    Yeah, that oughta help your pisswater taste better: imagery. Here’s another
    image: a pig with lipstick.

  16. Barry D says:

    fuck OFF Budweiser Annheiser Busch. account for 50% of Americas beer but
    only 5% of the hops? FUCCCCCKKK OFFFFF. Absolute jokers. a disgrace to
    Beer, watery CORN cut SHIT. drink local and fuck the AB’s of this world.

  17. Daniel Andres says:

    There are occasions for beers such as double hopped IPAs and Vanilla
    Porters but when I want to have more than a couple beers, Budweiser is that
    beer. My dad drank Budweiser just like his dad, I’m proud to do the same.

  18. Ethan's Beer Reviews says:

    this video should of also said ”Not American Owned”

  19. Eternity says:

    bud not for everyone? why does everyone drink it then?

  20. MinnieAnimals says:

    Where is the puppy???