Buffalo kisses

Buffalo kisses

Driving through the Olympic Game Farm, feeding the animals and a buffalo gets a little too friendly.

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20 Responses

  1. anthonyfoxtrott says:

    you’re ruining the environment!

  2. ThomasakaDes says:

    Interracial loving xD

  3. Selected. says:


  4. Joseph Smith says:

    Like a good neighbor….State Farm is there!

  5. XtremeGaming123 says:

    Wtf are you doing with your hand, it looks like it’s having a seizure or

  6. Build banner Uno says:

    I was moving backwards when the buffalo got close… INCEPTION+

  7. HUinstinct says:

    Super fucking dangerous.

  8. Edgard Gakwaya says:

    Eating the booty like

  9. nunya damn bidness says:

    Notes that she freaks out when she sees not only the size but the dexterity
    of the tongue
    Someone who is terrified of the tongue doesn’t give any more food.

  10. Hunter W says:

    Hey if you guys really care that much about people feeding animals a little
    bit of food, then I’m sure you care enough to get an assault rifle, go to
    Africa, and stop poachers first hand. Go now please, we won’t miss you.

  11. LanguageMan1 says:

    Aw, that’s so nice of him to do! Just like a friendly dog, cat, wolf, fox,
    deer, lamb, mouse, etc.

  12. Hattori says:

    Hope the beauty and the beast makes a minotaur

  13. Jim Blank says:

    Lol, we love the OLYMPIC GAME FARM too. It’s OK to feed the Bison here.
    They aren’t always nice though.

  14. supersayenred says:

    Hehe, lovely video :p ! Where is Olympic Game Farm?

  15. TheMajestuoso says:


  16. LizaVP says:

    Don’t do this. It’s not good for the animals and it puts you and the animal
    in danger.

  17. r0adcrossingchicken says:

    It’s as if she’s feeding him/her to make them go away. That’s not how it
    works, lady.

  18. Arda Unal says:

    Like a good neighbor statefarm is there

  19. John Doe says:

    you can tell she want that D

  20. Fernando Ambrosio says: