Buffalo Lake Effect

A time-lapse view of Lake Erie during the lake-effect snow storm of November 18, 2014. This was taken from my office window in the Guaranty Building at Hodgson Russ.

Captured with my Apple iPhone 6, time-lapse mode, default settings! Love my phone!!

You may link to and/or embed my video from this YouTube page, but you may not copy it. You may use this video in a television broadcast with a courtesy. For any other permissions, please send me a message via YouTube.

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19 Responses


    Weather in action. 

  2. guyontheblackchair says:

    I have family under that in Cheektowaga.
    God’s Peace.

  3. emma jones says:

    Lake effect snow storm, near Buffalo, NY
    Buffalo Lake Effect

  4. Frances Tillman says:

    Hold on everyone, because we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s all coming.

  5. Frances Tillman says:

    THANKS, alfonza. Great video

  6. Alan Gollom says:

    Great video Alfonso. I once saw a lake effect storm brewing driving by
    Burlington Ontario, but nothing of this magnitude. Incredible.

  7. neil ruddy says:

    The great lake effect snow machine rolls into Buffalo

  8. Obvi Health says:

    Beautiful! The iphone6 is so great!

  9. Cynthia Bush says:


  10. tellurye says:

    I know it’s lake Erie, but the term “lake effect” reminds me and makes me
    miss Chicago! :)

  11. masterxDh20 says:

    “The world is flat.” kept popping in my head while watching.

  12. Charles Russell says:

    Fantastic! One of the most amazing and dynamic displays of lake effect I’ve
    ever seen, and I live in Michigan where we get pounded by lake effect all

  13. Darlene Carlo says:

    Very cool Al!

  14. Carolyn Quinn says:

    Buffalo Lake Effect Snowstorm – way cool! Wish I were there for a storm
    like this!

  15. John Tripp says:

    Surreal. I went to college at Fredonia, never saw so much snow in my life
    but this tops it! 

  16. Jane Ann Furer says:

    Alfonzo.. permission to credit your video with name on KNBC in Los

  17. Donati2151233 says:

    How can you folks live with that snow?

  18. Andre Bernier says:

    Hi Alfonzo.Phenomenal catch! Also seeking your permission to use with
    credit to you on WJW-TV, Cleveland? Thank you in advance for your kind
    consideration. Truly amazing work.

  19. mfrederick1978 says:

    It’s amazing that I haven’t seen a flake in North Buffalo >> >