Built 150FT MEGA SLIP N SLIDE into NEW POND! ($25,000 Backyard Project)

Built 150FT MEGA SLIP N SLIDE into NEW POND! ($25,000 Backyard Project)

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30 Responses

  1. Levi Howard says:

    Put and rope swing and put a trampoline jump in it for like a diving board

  2. tyson pitts says:

    California being in a drought: hey guys I don’t have a lot of water try to use only what you need

    Funk bros: let’s make a 185,000 gallon pond ???

  3. RZsmarzy 4 says:

    One of your sickest videos ever, you should put a tramp next to the pond and a bigger slide

  4. Jessica Dropik says:

    You guys should make the landscaping really nice and make a cute deck overlooking the pond with a nice grill and everything

  5. ryan pogle says:

    Great vid guys love you so much
    You inspire me every day love been subscribed since the beginning

  6. Corey Elliot says:

    You guys should make another waterslide right next to the previous on so you guys can race each other

  7. Giovany Ortiz says:

    Make it like tall at the beginning so when you slide down it you will get more speed?

  8. Claire Petrillo says:

    Caperon said “that’s for f*ing Rydel” WHERES RYDELLLL??? Great vid!!!❤

  9. Jack Doherty says:

    This was honestly one of the most fun things I’ve EVER done, thanks for having me guys!

  10. Walkers 77 says:

    Love the channel because it’s dirffent from gaming and they have extremely creative ideas

  11. Kristina Renouf says:

    And I wash I could come to California and make a video with you guys

  12. Alma Johansson says:

    Try going on the slip and slide with different objects:)

  13. No 21241 says:

    I remember I used to watch you guys at like 400k and still did nitro circus I was so inspired and I still am i am so happy for you guy it’s amazing seeing your channel grow keep it up ?sqaush ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. CR Sapinoro says:

    Idea: Put sand around the edges, with a barrier (So it does not go in the pond) so it makes it a beach area. You can add beach chairs, umbrellas etc.

  15. Will Ulmer says:

    Add a high flow water pump…500 gal a min and literally the water forces you down at high speed. Also to keep water from getting stagnant put a water fountain that moves around to keep it fresh. Have fun

  16. Lemy Vids says:

    You should roll down the big zorb ball down the slide or whatever it’s called

  17. Hayden Nagel says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the pond but you guys should do a 24 hours in target or Walmart w/ the Ireland Boys Love your channel

  18. Raiden Parker says:

    This has been my favorite vid so far thank you❤️❤️Love the colabes

  19. Rented FN says:

    Yo can you do a game of F.L.I.P on the slip n slide?

  20. V says:

    *Raging Waters* has some competition

    (I make emotional vids)

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