Burger King | Whopper Neutrality

Burger King | Whopper Neutrality

The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very difficult to understand. That’s why the BURGER KING® brand created WHOPPER® Neutrality, a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms anyone can understand: A WHOPPER® sandwich.

This effort aims to help people understand how the repeal of Net Neutrality will impact their lives.

The BURGER KING® brand believes the Internet should be like the WHOPPER® sandwich: the same for everyone.
Help keep Net Neutrality safe by signing the petition at Change.org/SavetheNet

“Actual Guests. Fake pricing for illustration purposes only. TM & © 2018 Burger King Corporation.  All rights reserved.”

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79 Responses

  1. That's It Guys says:

    Burger King teaching people about net neutrality. I don’t know what to say.

    • Fluffy Rocks says:

      That’s It Guys this is why burger king is better than mcfags

    • Mussa Mekdad says:

      Me neither 😅

    • royalninja says:

      This isn’t Idiocracy at all you dimwit, the people at Burger King were smart enough to do this and the people at the FCC knew exactly what they wanted and what they were doing when they repealed Net Neutrality. Idiocracy would be if everyone was stupid as hell and could hardly run anything. The only reason Burger King of all places is informing people about this is because the FCC is actively misinforming the people and Burger King is popular enough to convey something like this to people effectively.

    • film79 says:

      I know what to say, what Ad firm came up with this very savvy commerical?

  2. Charissa Ruth says:

    This. Is. Brilliant.

  3. BrokenATM says:

    Just subscribe to a fast food chain… net neutrality ad omg this needs a golden globe or something. I showed this to my mom and she understand the whole net neutrality now. Amazing work

  4. TimbaYAM says:

    2:48 “Actual Guests.” I don´t think so. But the ad is great and people should be more aware of netneutrality

  5. Fabio Polidori says:

    Brilliant! best Net Neutrality explanation yet 🙂

  6. Alexandre Tapin says:

    THAT IS GENIUS! Well done

  7. speier says:

    Anyone else notice the WIFI poster selling it for $6.33?? lmaoooo

  8. Flying90 says:

    Pretty good example of how many Americans have their heads in the sand

  9. Don't Tase Me Bro says:

    Pretty good clip. Perhaps if enough Republicans knew what net neutrality is they wouldn’t vote for the people that want to end it…on behalf of large corporations and telecoms.

    • Ryan Owens says:

      Greg Meinert you sir deserve more thumbs up than I can give you

    • Joe Pachicano says:

      Don’t Tase Me Bro don’t act like Dems aren’t brushing this under the rug too. Ppl didn’t even know about it, or it’s repeal.

    • ReasonedTwo130 says:

      Don’t Tase Me Bro The whole reason the voted against it is because they know more about it than anyone else. Everyone against the repeal are people who were just told “They’re destroying the internet! we must stop them.!” Without them actually researching the issue at hand.

    • Tman says:

      Perhaps libertards should quit crying about the little shit.

  10. Boost Fever says:

    Ajit Pai wants his Reeses Mug back!

  11. AndroidDoctorr says:

    The difference is that in this scenario, they can just go somewhere else to eat.
    In -more than- (edit: slightly less than) half the US, the local ISP has a monopoly, so people don’t have a choice. You can’t boycott the only game in town.

    • Dak Ultimak says:

      They count mobile access, which is stupid because they have caps that top off at 5Gbs, and that’s like 2 movies on Netflix. AT&T hasn’t updated their infrastructure in decades, because they want everyone to move to mobile so they can charge more for access and data.

    • AndroidDoctorr says:

      Also, what if I don’t want to give my money to an ISP that uses fast and slow lanes? I should be able to boycott them and switch to a competitor.

    • Sally Vee says:

      AndroidDoctorr But Ajit Pai said this move was all about competition! He said it would give customers all the power because they could choose to leave their ISP. Are you suggesting he lied to everyone!?

    • 4 says:

      But those places also have to lowest population, places like big cities have all possible providers. And those big cities have half or more of there customers, which actually can leave their business. So a monopoly doesn’t exist.

  12. snowghost1111 says:

    Next you should sell amounts of “up to” like ISPs do. You pay for “up to one burger” and get somewhere betwheen 10% and 90% of a burger.

    • AphroditeBell says:

      hardwire A lot like how a burger will be smaller after you cook it. Just how it is.

    • Don'tHateMe CauseYou'reWrong says:

      So exactly the same way it was under net neutrality? You “woke” people sure are stupid as fuck.

    • ErrrrdayImShufflin' says:

      Don’tHateMe CauseYou’reWrong but this isn’t the issue being discussed in the pro net neutrality arguments. It’s about establishing preferred lanes of traffic for no reason but to charge companies more.

    • Pick Ups says:

      you win the internet today, im busting up laughing right now. Fantastic

    • Darek Khort says:

      Also, if your fries go over the normal amount by 1 fry, you have to pay an extra $10 per extra fry.

  13. montmorencythedog says:

    And now you have to ask yourself why a *private company* like Burger King has to explain this to the American people, and why a *democratically elected* president, senate, and house, are pushing these kinds of changes on the American people.

    • Ivan q60 says:

      Because Burger King is owned by a Brasilian company, and like the rest of the planet knows that net neutrality is a good idea

    • 4 says:

      These “changes” are on policies that aren’t even 5 years old. We don’t need Net Neutrality. If Burger King actually did this their business would shut down because people would go to McDonald’s instead.

    • ninjamatic5000 says:

      Net Neutrality wasn’t forced ON the American people. It was forced by American people. It was necessary after Comcast started throttling service to their customers. Everyone saw which way the wind was blowing, and it was back to a cable standard.

    • Sarah Hansen says:

      Well, you know. Its America. The quickest way for them to understand something, is to incorperate burgers in the presentation…

    • Its Sharon London says:

      montmorencythedog https://youtu.be/AxojTcouQhs

  14. REALenvizible says:

    Going to purchase a Whopper meal today, not because Burger King has the best burger when it comes to fast food, but because I love this video.

    • NightVision110 says:

      REALenvizible burger king doesn’t give a fuck about net neutrality. This is just pure marketing and they succeeded.

    • quangluu96 says:

      Their point was to simplified the NN situation, and they successfully did it. Pure marketing? Yeah, they wouldn’t do this for free.

    • somerandomname says:

      This ad is very successful because you bough a whopper. Not saying it’s a bad thing. Good job Burger King!

  15. diegowakko says:

    Omg 4.99 and i pay 20 on Brasil, i can w8 30 minutes for this price haha! Btw nice about neutrality

  16. Canadagraphs says:

    Its amazing that people might learn more from Burger King than any newspapers or news program these days.
    Great job BK. You will be getting my business today at some point for this.

  17. ErrrrdayImShufflin' says:

    Upvote this if there are less than 4 broadband/cable internet service providers in your area. Mine has 2.

  18. MyGameplaying says:

    wait for your whoppers americans, you asked for it lol

    • toxic howl says:

      Do you really think we would vote to pay for internet? No dipshit. We voted to keep net neutrality and Ajit Pai most likely bribed the politicians who voted against the repeal.

    • JonesMan Jr says:

      Net neutrality was repealed because it was voted on by people who don’t have the people’s interest. WE didn’t vote for net neutrality, THEY did.

  19. Oddball1go says:

    Making Burgers Per Second LMAO.

  20. Don't look at my picture says:

    Fake news

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