Burning people with magnifying glass

Burning people with magnifying glass

My unsuspecting friend getting a little shock to the system

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20 Responses

  1. Khuda Vendigar says:

    The most Northern reaction possible.

  2. Jonathan Rambolski says:

    Oh good, people still do not know how to take a video by holding the damned
    camera sideways, like very display in existence, since forever…


  3. Scott M. says:

    #Asshole’s love science, too…

  4. Pat1711 says:

    Even with his cussing, it’s so hard to tell if British people are ever
    truly mad with the way their accent sounds. 

  5. kruGrockz says:

    wow charlie and his brother have grown up so fast..

  6. 420Patriot1776 says:

    Obviously from the north

  7. MaynardKeenanX says:


  8. Chilltownify says:

    assault ?

  9. gp5 says:

    Ya fooking bahstar!

  10. Cairnzyy says:

    part 2 please

  11. UserAnonymouse says:

    what a baby…

  12. zuming09 says:

    First time a brit got sun burn

  13. andreasdagen says:

    Jon snow?

  14. The Raconteur says:

    Did ya see that ludicrous display last noight?

  15. Arminius says:

    Idk what state this takes place in, but the weird accent just makes it ten
    times funnier!

  16. Arliss Caruso says:


  17. dclipe says:

    yah fokin bastud

  18. Arturo Solis says:

    oh my that was sooo funny!

  19. wihmib says:

    I set my backyard on fire with one of those. It was fun doing it on caps.
    The red explosive toy things. BOOM.

  20. bluewhale18 says:

    I used to do that to insects