Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

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54 Responses

  1. Chinchilla 0 says:

    Cheeto doesn’t get enough attention in videos anymore and i’m really happy that at least Ryland appreciates the king!

  2. Philippe Parle Peu says:

    Anyone else remember Shane’s video where he and Ryland were talking in the bathroom and Cheeto came in to use the toilet? He’s such a scene stealer! ?


    When Shane makes fun of Ryland for being extra……..
    Does he not remember when he built a movie theater for Cheeto?

    • T. D says:

      He’s clearly suffering from selective memory ?.

    • Aibhe Higgins says:

      Lol yeah, also unrelated but I have seven cats and that same water fountain and they love it. You can’t force a cat to do anything they’ll do what they want and that’s part of why I love them so we just left it out and now all seven of them use it all the time

    • Noora Niukkanen says:

      that’s what i was thinking lmao

    • Hello Hello says:

      IMCRAZIER2THEMAX With posters with uno and cheeto in them.With a edgy ken doll teenager working at the theater.With a phone inside.With a teenage mutant ninja turtles couch inside.WITH DIET ROOT BEER AT THE THEATER COUNTER.

    • Blah Blah says:

      Cause Ryland’s being a weirdo

  4. caren 28 says:

    Cheeto looks so ashamed to be using the litter box

  5. Carmen ???? says:

    I love how shane is saying all that stuff has no point and he was the one who made a movie theater for cheeto ?

  6. eliz w says:

    Cats get a lot of their water from their food so they aren’t too interested in water bowls as much. Cats also prefer running water so most likely Cheeto will come around to the fountain eventually. I have a feline as well and she acted the same way with her fountain at first but now we’ll catch her drinking out of it instead of the toilet Lol

  7. Chandu says:

    Lmao just Ryland drinking from the fountain had me dying ??

  8. Katelyn Seamonds says:

    Shane just being entertained by ryland attempting to carry the tree upstairs

  9. The Mediocre Gatsby says:

    I’ve never seen one animal look so hopeless and depressed while taking a piss

  10. Ilana Hoover says:

    ryland: spends $1500 on his cat

  11. PrincessAdel says:

    Do the “Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch” Challenge

  12. Lucky Lex says:

    Dont give up on the fountain!! My cats hated it at first and now it’s the only thing they will use.

    • Bryardoucet says:

      mine were terrified of it..

    • Milan Bos says:


    • Lucky Lex says:

      +Bryardoucet one of my 4 was at first too. But she ended up loving it after watching the other kitties drink or play with it. Also sometimes the noise can scare them, try yours with the water setting on the lowest flow so it’s not all streams dripping at once, I found this helped mine. When they started using it I was able to turn it back to the full strength streams 🙂

    • Queen Kamie says:

      Same for mines . My car used to only drink water from our bathroom faucet so I found that and now they only use that . Which is great so I don’t have to constantly run the water for them and their nasty paws aren’t on my bathroom counter tops . I hated that .

  13. Stella Polcaster says:

    I died when he started drinking the water out of the flower water thing?

    • Tia McCraley says:

      For real when you said ‘he’ I thought you were talking about cheeto. 12 minutes in, it’s fucking Ryland. I am dying.

  14. Sophia Love Bird says:

    The squad is not the squad if it doesnt have these things:
    1. Andrew’s laugh
    2. Rylands Queen attitude
    3. Garrets sence of humor
    4. Shane’s….Personality
    5. Morgans beautifully hair

  15. sHiShTar ShOoK O_O says:

    Who else finds it cute that Uno and Honey follow Ryland around ??

  16. Fury says:

    This video made ryland look insane and it’s hilarious

  17. Laura Bee says:

    ryland freaking out when any of the products are the tiniest bit successful is the cutest thing ever

  18. ItsKailynn says:

    I think Cheeto knows he’s a rich cat and too good for the amazon toys

  19. Alicia Grace says:

    Shane: “No one will buy any of this.”
    Me: (Staring at my litter robot).

  20. Kelsey says:

    Just a heads up guys, pet cams and nanny cams get hacked into all the time, please be careful!! I don’t want anyone messing with you guys or creeping on you without your consent. If you notice any noises coming from the furbo when you’re not on the app, definitely shut it off.

    • Jessica Newton says:

      If it’s a WiFi cam yes they get hacked very often. But if you’re using a baby monitor without WiFi they can’t.

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