Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch

Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch

I believe this trend was started by Nicole Skyes, she’s done several of these here’s a link to her original video

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51 Responses

  1. Cy west says:

    Julien realizing they just embarked on a whirlwind quest: “I needa get a cart don’t I?”

  2. Madison Ewald says:


  3. Laura James says:

    Plot twist: 7 Rings was actually written by Kermit

  4. Emiko H says:

    Whatever you don’t use you should donate

  5. POTfreemason says:

    Hey Jenna. Wanna take me shopping? I’ll touch everything.

  6. Carolyn Harwood says:

    While the giant dog food bags and cat tower aren’t practical at home, animal shelters would love those kinds of donations! I know more expensive, but something to consider if you film something like this again 🙂

  7. thanos brick says:

    Why is Jenna actually so pretty

  8. 사랑keilana says:

    Imagine your parents buying you everything you touch-

  9. alexis mejia says:

    julian sounds like a supportive parent lol

    ” damn okay kerm is that what youre into?”

  10. tanner stephens says:

    “Sorry I got a plant on the way here I have a problem”?

  11. MissLovelyMonet says:

    What we learned today: Kermit is into some weird dog form of BDSM, and Marbles REALLY wants a cat (picking not only a cat but a cat tower)

  12. Konazel ` says:

    Everyone: *we cant get everything we want in life.*

  13. ralphbenjamin4 says:

    16:09 if i was ever a barista at starbucks lol

  14. Tarjah says:

    “Is he buffering?!” Omg… xD

  15. Gina Lawrence says:

    Hey Jenna! I work at PetSmart as a cashier. The treats that Peach and Kermit picked from the blue bins are Whimzees Veggie Sausages! They’re natural, vegetarian and gluten free! Just in case you wanted to know ☺️ I love you and your videos sooo much and also wanted to thank you for actually cleaning up your dog’s mess unlike some pet parents ? lol

    • AlaskaTheCat says:

      Gina Lawrence If you have the power, talk to the manager or anyone who has much power about how they handle the animals. I’ve never actually been to a Petsmart but the way they’re handling the cats doesn’t look right

    • Gina Lawrence says:

      Anastasia Oltean yeah my dog does the same thing! Especially when she knows she’s getting groomed cause she doesn’t enjoy it very much, specifically the blow dryers ??

    • Gina Lawrence says:

      EvenWeave exactly!!!! In those cases though after they would tell me, I would just show/point them to where the “oops” stations are so they can clean it up themselves lol. But most of the time they just ignore it or pretend it never happened and we find it later on ??

    • TheCurvyGamer says:

      +AlaskaTheCat Those cats are there for adoption. The enclosures are actually double the size that they look like. Half the enclosure is completely blocked from view so the cats can hide if they’re feeling overwhelmed. A person from the shelter they came from is somewhere within the store and if they notice a cat is too distressed then they’ll take the cat back to the shelter and try for a calmer cat. Ove adopted two cats from petsmart and both had a lot more room than it looked like they had. Plus these cats get adopted super quickly due to high foot traffic. The most time ive ever seen one there was 3 days.

    • Gina Lawrence says:

      EvenWeave it may be different depending on the PetSmart you go to because at mine, they have bigger spaces and more room to move around but yes I was surprised by that too.

  16. Dezh22 says:

    Marble got robbed. He deserves that cat tree.

  17. Max Jordan says:

    Can we just get a whole day spent with Marble? Kermit and Peach are just all energetic and all over the place all the time I feel like Marble is just forgotten in the background of most videos cause he’s old and lazy and Kermit just demands every ounce of attention lol

  18. Rock Star Girl says:

    I got sad seeing that black cat still in the adopt area poor thing I want to adopt it?❤

  19. Holly Hodges says:

    The ‘butt medicine’ thing that you got is actually called a pill gun! They’re really useful for giving pills orally to picky pets! You put the pill in the top of the syringe, put the syringe in the pet’s mouth (as far back as you can), and push the plunger all the way down. It’s meant to put the pill so far in the back of their mouth that they just swallow the pill. Hope that helps clear up the confusion!

  20. Harmony Art says:

    Next video: buying everything my boyfriend touches (don’t tell him you’re doing it, just see what he touches in the store and buy it)

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