Cable snaps on USS Eisenhower during landing

Cable snaps on USS Eisenhower during landing

Eight sailors were injured aboard the USS Eisenhower when an arresting cable snapped during an E-2C Hawkeye’s landing in March 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Belal Al-Husein says:

    he is a professional pilot

  2. Jean D says:

    damn I wanted to see some guys get sliced in half by the wires like in the
    movies :(

  3. pontiacgirl73 says:

    HELL OF A SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mark Bush says:

    Squeaky Bum Time

  5. IcoNyx says:

    People like you REALLY need to stop this shit. there is overwhelming
    evidence the moon landings happened, circumstantial, pictorial, anecdotal,
    AND empirical evidences have been presented and re-presented from every
    conceivable angle.

    How about the modern images taken by the LRO of the landing sites? ( are you
    really going to try to pull some garbage about how the government put those
    parts there recently just to hide the hoax?!? if they are willing to spend
    hundreds of billions now to send a rocket with some parts to fake the scene
    (not to mention a remote rover to make those tread marks) what makes you
    think they weren’t willing to send MEN fifty years ago when it was FAR
    cheaper to do it for real?!?

    It is literally only a matter of time before one of the space agencies
    (either for historical or scientific purposes, or just to shut you up)
    sends a probe or possibly even a manned mission to one of the Apollo
    landing sites themselves. In all likelihood it will be to recover one of
    the numerous experiments left behind or to collect more samples of the
    orange soil found during the Apollo 17 landing.

    You already look like a tool now, imagine how utterly moronic you’ll look
    when men stand once more on the face of the moon and survey the wrecks of
    history. You’ll go down in history with the moronic likes of Franz
    Reichelt, John Thurtell, and Thomas Midgley Jr. although… Something tells
    me, even if we colonized the moon, you’ll stand on your apple crate
    bellowing epithets about the ongoing moon landing hoax. Even if you were
    strapped to the nose of a rocket and shot strait to the Apollo 11 landing
    side, you’d somehow manage to spit on the foot prints and dedication plaque
    and claim they simply aren’t real.

  6. Fake Grapefruit says:

    0:29 What a lucky cunt, the cable is literally a few feet from slicing him
    in fucking two.

  7. The True Gamerz Dynamite says:

    There is multiple cables why didn’t it catch the second cable?

  8. KIDTAKO says:

    Shitting pants in 3… 2… 1

  9. Patrick Woodley says:


  10. Different3 says:

    Clap Clap Clap bravo.

  11. jimmymustardface says:

    I used to tune to the frequencies during f-4 maneuvers, watching them
    rolling, climbing, pulling 5 g turns. All the while, talking as mundanely
    as if in their easy chair. They simply don’t rattle. Any trace of panic,
    replaced with procedure. I have to say tho, considering the technology
    available, I’d have expected worlds better video aboard our first nimitz
    class carrier.

  12. Allen Lin says:

    Like a boss

  13. Chris Nowicki says:

    I was waiting with baited breath for the huge splash of water that was to
    come from the plane hitting the water. then lo and behold you see the plane
    rising up above the flightdeck! I bet that pilots balls where in his mouth,
    wow! that was some flying. thank God he kept the plane at full throttle
    like he was trained to do, or this could have turned into something very
    tragic. Hopefully nobody on the flightdeck for hurt when that arresting
    cable snapped and went flying back along the landing area! To bad there
    wasn’t any audio to go along with the video so we could here the reaction
    of the planes crew and the flight deck air boss!

  14. King Denominator says:

    Anybody notice the 69 in the top right corner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  15. Madcat221 says:

    Props to that pilot’s skill. Turboprops, even.

  16. Ricardo Martinez says:

    What’s the name of the aircraft?

  17. Immy Benjamin says:

    for something that happened on march 18, 2016 to look like this, they know
    they need to update the cameras

  18. Reeve Glisson says:

    That was the longest 4-5 seconds waiting to see if the plane was coming
    back up or not

  19. Maps says:

    that was awesome but I do hope that nobody got seriously injured

  20. Tyson G says:

    man the type of war planes they had back then