Can a Pineapple Protect iPhone 6s From Extreme 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Can a Pineapple Protect iPhone 6s From Extreme 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

How well does a pineapple work as an iPhone case? Find out in today’s video! At first we tried cutting the pineapple in half only to realize once again how stupid of an idea that was, so we switched it up and slide it inside the pineapple. The results were definitely surprising to us!

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20 Responses

  1. Dope Swag says:

    Can you do an s6 active video

  2. run'n woes says:

    Bring an iPhone into the water at the beach and see if it lives for 10
    minutes. Mine didn’t. :'(

  3. Nour Sanya says:

    this channel must be called “” when rich peopel are bored “”
    i live in algeria i can’t affored an I PHON S6 i’m seeing the video now
    from my brother ‘ s computer and he is throwing an I PHON S6 from the roof

  4. santia b (zantia) says:

    what about a pillow or chewing gum?

  5. Nicole Gaynor says:

    say bye bye to your house spongebob

  6. Crabby Patty Sucks says:

    You exploded SpongeBob’s house

  7. Christianramgamer112 says:

    can u do can a picture frame from a hundred foot drop

  8. Margo that creepy dark girl that you just know says:

    I’m allergic to pineapple

  9. WARK BRIELLE says:

    I love your vids

  10. Vane Peev says:

    please make a video: Can a lot of cotton candy protect an iphone 6s plus
    from 100 ft drop test.
    Like 10 of those that are on a stick.

  11. DylanTheYouTubeCanadian says:

    Can an iPhone survive in a coconut

  12. Cheesy Productions says:

    can an iPhone be protected by bubble wrap?

  13. chark anass says:

    can you just give me that iphone instead of throwing it from

  14. Zankku Zann says:

    shitphone user plsss trow urself with that shitphone hahaha

  15. HELSDON FC says:

    Can an Apple Watch protect an iphone

  16. Free killer LP says:

    Wer ist auch deutscher

  17. Leah Dolman says:

    And today we are going to be testing if this Caspar Lee will protect the

  18. otaku draw says:

    I don’t remember this chapter of Fire Emblem: Fates

  19. Delmonte Cummings says:

    I peep the subway sandwich in the background!!

  20. Popa Andrei says:

    Jesus Christ go get a gym membership, we can see your fucking tits you pig.