Can Paper Cut Wood?

Can Paper Cut Wood?

Thought I’d give this a try, just to see what would happen. Kind of gives a new meaning to thin kerf blade!
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20 Responses

  1. Dieter Schneider says:

    Dado paper blade next….

  2. PsychoAxeMan says:

    that’s insane… I would of never thought it would could cut that

  3. Sama J says:

    I’m going to show this to my woodshop teacher the next time he complains
    about always having to replace the blades.

  4. Billy Cobb says:

    Imagine putting your dick on that

  5. Dr. Zebra says:

    Every other comment: “THAT’D make a bad paper cut!”

  6. ItsToxic says:

    Short answer, no it cant save you a 2 minutes

  7. Sven Sundbaum says:

    You must cut through scissors and rock for it to count.

  8. Victorian Hipster says:

    I really hope no one trys doing this and thinks it’s safer to touch than
    the metal blade

  9. iviewthetube says:

    This is going to be very difficult to explain in the emergency room if you
    cut your finger off.

  10. aaron brooks says:

    can this give you a paper cut?

  11. P TC says:

    That’s one hell of a papercut

  12. MrUtuber2012 says:

    This takes papercut to a whole new level

  13. Master0fHyrule says:

    Talk about a paper cut…

  14. Cabhan Listis says:

    This is gonna put a lot of saw manufacturers out of business.

  15. Mr Rishi The Cookie says:

    Can it cut an aluminium can?

  16. Homo Baby Pumpkin says:

    I know everyone is thinking paper cuts

  17. Carmey Kawii says:

    Now the lesson of the day, everything can kill you if you know how to get

  18. korencek says:

    But…. can it cut steel?

  19. Flubbbs says:

    Has anybody came and made a paper cut joke yet or am i too late?

  20. KashifsPOV says:

    Imagine he got a paper cut, i wonder if his finger would get sliced …