Can Subway Sandwich Protect iPhone 6s from Extreme 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Can Subway Sandwich Protect iPhone 6s from Extreme 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Can a iPhone 6s survive a 100 FT drop test inside of a subway sandwich? Find out in today’s video! We actually got kicked out this time, so we had to finish the video in a hurry. xD

100 FT iPhone 6s Pineapple Drop Test –

100 FT iPhone 6s Dirty Diaper Drop Test –

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20 Responses

  1. Forrest Mars says:

    i need 2 more subs for 200 pls help me get 200 by today thank you :)

  2. Aya Zemmama says:

    can you just give me the IPhone please

  3. Sentrum Silva says:

    I did this but sadly my screen cracked severely

  4. Goat Heaven says:

    You should swallow the iPhone then just off a building and see if you could
    protect it

  5. Axi says:

    can we stop funding this fat idiot with iphones and sandwiches

  6. boredom says:

    Kids in Africa could’ve eaten that IPhone.

  7. Fire Dragon says:

    How can you afford all this stuff all the time

  8. Erica Grebe says:


  9. Formal Shadow says:

    I’m hungry now

  10. ScottyS says:

    wow cool now I can fucking use my subway sandwich as a case

  11. Rhayne Schulz says:

    Near the end in the background is that the pineapple from last episode?

  12. john jones says:

    this video makes me want to drink bleach and shoot up a preschool. i hate
    these so much and i dont understand why people actual like this shit. the
    most retard concept for a viseo

  13. LadyGameLyric says:

    Enjoy your new iPhone 6S! :)

  14. Ryan S says:

    can i get the phone?

  15. M and N Show says:

    Those people that watch the video and then vote so they are write just ruin
    the surprise for the people that don’t care about being write, and those
    people are annoying AF

  16. fhggbhjghy lin says:

    i doubt i will ever eat another subway sandwich again, i got a feeling if
    one day im in the need of a brick and has the sandwich i will use the
    sandwich as the brick.

  17. SPACE POTATO says:

    I was hoping you’d shove it up Jared’s ass & push him over the side

  18. BLOCKBUSTER says:

    can your hand protect an iphone from a 100ft drop…yes im telling you to

  19. anthony arroyo says:

    You can drop a phone from a tall parking lot but when I sit in a chair 4
    feet of the ground my phone completely shatters makes sense

  20. Your Neighbor says:

    Starving children in Africa could of eaten that sand which.

    The sand which gangbang