Can We Split a Bullet With a Knife???

Can We Split a Bullet With a Knife???

Check out our knives!!!

Need clothes? I got you. 🙂

Watch me vlog.
IF you love animals

“Club Diver” by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

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65 Responses

  1. Vyziion ツ says:

    Partner up with the SloMoGuys and do this again would be sickkk to see a bullet split in half at 20,000 FPS

  2. Core 1948 says:

    Where was the 50cal bullet?

  3. Lucas Brown says:

    I was playing pubg the other day and Matt joined my squad in matchmaking!! I lost my shit when I recognized his voice. I didn’t want to ruin his game by fanboying so I didn’t really say anything. Well if matt reads this it absolutely made my day!

  4. yeee says:

    8:22 Holy moly thats pretty dank

  5. SmarterEveryDay says:

    Ok dude… Let’s redo this right.

  6. Rybka Paul says:

    Казалось бы, при чем тут Украина???? 1:29

  7. Yaroslav Fecho says:

    Слава Україні!

    • LuckyFK says:

      Отличная реклама Украины. Продавать китайские клоны ножей с двойной и тройной накруткой.

    • Serhii Shkaberda says:

      Александр Савенко по-перше продана франшиза. По-друге нарешті поціновувачі ножів з США матимуть змогу користуватись якісними та недорогими ножами. Радіти потрібно!

    • Александр Савенко says:

      +Serhii Shkaberda читайте коммены и посмотрите последнее видео с оффзеранч. Эти ножи нафиг не нужны в штатах. Мэт уже извинился перед теми кто их купил…

    • Serhii Shkaberda says:

      Александр Савенко так смотрите внимательно. Мэтт поставил слишком дорогую цену сразу. Теперь цена норм. И только.

    • Joseph Sa says:

      Героям слава ?????????


    bBig boy slow-mo cams mate


    Next step??????

  10. HandOff says:

    maybe it doesn’t end well, but… Слава Україні!

  11. MrAltravin says:

    Yey, Ukrainian knife! Вітання з незалежної.

  12. BLACK PUBGM says:

    *_Was that “splitting a bullet in two pieces or splitting a knife in two??????_*

  13. Shubham Rautela says:

    *U should buy a super slow motion camera???*

  14. Player says:

    1:25 Ukrainian Symbolics on the knife) Hello everyone from Kharkiv)

  15. Tsvetan As says:

    This knifes are made by Ukrainian company in China.

  16. John Synnott says:

    Demo Ranch channel is turning into the shopping channel. A not so subtle sales pitch for knives.

    • Mickey Romero says:

      John Synnott well its a smart thing to do, build up a solid channel, spend money make money, have fun

    • Michael C says:

      Also I’m pretty sure he admitted that the video was too showcase his knifes sooooo.

    • Gustaaf Argoan says:

      Shame on anyone who tries to make money…

    • GreatNorthernDad says:

      Not so subtle? He didn’t pretend it was anything else. It was the most entertaining sales pitch for…………..possibly anything that I have ever seen. If all commercials were this entertaining, they wouldn’t have to pay to run them. And guess what? He doesn’t!

  17. Володимир Фриз says:

    Wow, ukrainian knives… Nice, Слава Україні! 😉

  18. Сергей Кельманн says:

    Наші Скіфи рулять ?
    Українські ножі в США ?)))

  19. gron77 says:

    WTF? Skif knives theres company in ukraine with the same logo And same knives

  20. Sergio L says:

    Why is there Kiev Russ (Ukrain) Logo on that knive?

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