Can You Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Attacking? (Pacifist Run)

Can You Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Attacking? (Pacifist Run)

Can you beat Elden Ring without attacking any bosses or enemies through the use of tools like spirit summons?

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  1. Iron Pineapple says:

    I’m not really the type to make celebration videos, so I just wanted to leave a comment here acknowledging the insanity of this channel reaching 1 million subscribers since the last video. As an anxious person who feels pretty undeserving of even a fraction of that, I don’t really know what to say. I really appreciate everyone who’s watched my videos and subscribed over the years, and I hope I can keep making things that are entertaining or worth your time.

  2. zanny says:

    These types of playthroughs are so interesting. Great vid. And congratulations on 1 mil!

  3. Box says:

    “Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat…”

    • thatonefurry says:

      @Skynet mimic +10 lusats staff, 80 int, 30 mind, and ranni’s dark moon, I beat her easily

    • reddragon1516 says:

      @Skynet you need to get some status effects on her coupled with bleed. Use your mimic, max your flasks, and for the love of god dodge. If you’re able to get behind her, you can get quite a few strikes off safely. She also has very bad poise so you CAN stunlock her phase 1. Phase 2 is more of the same with even more dodging

    • Justin Taylor says:

      @Skynet swarm of flies. That’s it.

    • Shane says:

      @Skynet use a mimic with a bleed build, it’s cheesy but you’ll destroy her 1st phase quickly, 2nd phase is a bit tougher

  4. Livander Gamedev says:

    this type of run is super fun to watch

  5. purjo y says:

    Been enjoying my adventure as a florist, 60 hours in. No weapons, no armor just collecting flowers. Love this game

  6. borosbattalion23 says:

    There’s an easier Farum warp. Fast travel to the Perfumer’s Grotto, fast travel to the belfries and take the crumbling lands one, fast travel back to the Grotto, and quit out. On reload, you’ll be at the start of Farum, no strict timing involved or anything.

    • EquiNoctis says:

      @Raiko just quit out using the in-game menu after you’ve loaded into perfumer’s grotto (in case you don’t have PC for alt+f4). This also works for getting into nokron early from belfries

    • Level 12 Lobster says:

      You don’t have to worry about using a specific setup.
      Just use the Belfry Farum entrance and then fast travel back to Roundtable Hold then Alt+F4 (quit to dashboard on console) during loading screen.
      Restart game. Done.

    • Raiko says:

      like alt f4/quit game from console menu?

  7. Gizzy says:

    Love how the lore friendly in character solution for the pacifist was it to basically break time and space itself to teleport himself to his desired location rather than giving up his principles. LOL

  8. The Redman says:

    There’s a sorcery/incantation called ‘Tibia’s Summons’ where you can spawn skeletons. I assume you could stack this with your spirits and also use them where you cannot normally summon. Would’ve been handy in some parts!

    • Thanquol Rattenherz says:

      well you summon 4 skeletons that attack at a certain spot and then despawn effectively its a summoned explosion but its also down by the four bony dudes so its borderline.

    • MallowyGoodness says:

      It’s not actually a summon it’s a projectile in the shape of angry skeletons. I looked at this for my own purposes. I also tried to see if Torrent can deal damage with dropping on things since he is not I, but alas he cannot.

  9. Immelman says:

    The Mimic Tear is still the best. Even after the damage nerf, you can use things like bleed, Black Flame, and even the Black Knife/Maliketh’s weapon to do boss-hp scaling damage. Proving that the best ally if yourself.

    • UnreasonableOpinions says:

      @Sean Farrand Yeah, if you’re going pure melee with minimal Ashes then it beats the hell out of the other summons you can get at base Mind.

    • Sean Farrand says:

      @UnreasonableOpinions it’s still pretty great due to not costing fp.

    • UnreasonableOpinions says:

      The Mimic Tear nerf was desperately needed. It’s better to play now, since you have to put genuine consideration into how you want the mimic to play if you want it to perform on the level of other potent summons.

    • Sauc3Cock says:

      You should try the dung eater summon.

    • joshua kim says:

      It also has infinite consumables, so giving it a single Raw Meat Dumpling and Uplifting Aromatic will give it an infinite supply of them, and you can also have it wield just one weapon with Erdtree Heal so it heals itself more.

  10. VGS - Video Game Sophistry says:

    THIS WAS A JOURNEY! I was with you for every step of the way – incredible job

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