Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press

Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press

A3 sheet of paper vs. our press

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20 Responses

  1. Nick Rudd says:

    I’m sure you’re a bit busy keeping up with the new viewership so I
    understand if you don’t answer, but what’s the tonnage on the press here?
    What force does it put out?

  2. J Slik says:

    -Crush a St. Rupert’s drop!
    -1″ upright section of steel pipe with copper pipe inside, with a PVC pipe
    -Bicycle chain!
    -a piece of soft wood (pine, balsa, etc) WINE CORK! CORK AND PLASTIC CORK!
    -LEGO minifigure!
    -a single rubber band!
    -nectarine pit!
    -a metal pen!
    -Ball bearing!

  3. connormcwood2 says:

    Sound Norwegian or Swedish or Danish

  4. FalconFetus8 says:

    I love how you said “what the fuck” so clearly. It is truly a universal

  5. KieRon Santana says:

    you’re awesome! I’m subscribing

  6. Emilio Estrada says:

    Crush a metal terminator toy, just like the movie D:

  7. nimble Navigator says:

    Sound finnish as fuck

  8. 黄辰旭 says:

    What’s happened to this paper?

  9. To NEJ says:

    velkam tu teh hydraulik pres tsänel

  10. Toby Laroned says:

    Would love to see a solid block of lead being crushed in this thing. Glad
    we woke you up :D

  11. Matyas Stahl says:

    Thanks Reddit

  12. iikka lapinoja says:

    purista jääkiekko

  13. dionicius03 says:

    does anyone have the name of the song the vid starts with??

  14. jumpieva says:

    for some reason that was very satisfying. lol at his reaction.

  15. NumbNuts 2000 says:

    Can you crush a Terminator with a Hydraulic press

  16. Raphpro390 says:

    Como ce disse

  17. Arustamyan - Boom Beach & Clash Royale says:

    Anyone else from Reddit?

  18. SM2011 SM2011 says:

    Deadpool could have done it!

  19. Anthony Ingram says:

    i love how he rolls every single rr

  20. batterycock says:

    crush your balls