Can You Guess Which Part of Cardi B’s Body Her Baby Broke?

Can You Guess Which Part of Cardi B’s Body Her Baby Broke?

Cardi B talks about the crazy 12 months she has had since she made her TV debut on our show, what it was like in the delivery room when she had her daughter, not being able to go out in public with the baby, and her trouble with finding a nanny, and she reveals that her baby ‘broke’ a certain part of her body. #KimmelinBrooklyn

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Can You Guess Which Part of Cardi B’s Body Her Baby Broke?

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98 Responses

  1. This Awesome Channel says:

    I love how damn honest she is❤️

  2. yung mxvih says:

    I guess Offset broke that body part too

  3. Jennifer Romero says:

    Cardi: “Oh you know people have mixed feelings”

    Me: same girl. Who else can relate to that?


    Finally she’s back on Jimmy Kimmel?they’re energy matches perfect together??i could watch them all day

  5. Edward Sanchez Productions says:

    Cardi B is the best

  6. Shane Gremory says:

    Age : 3months
    *She’s demanding* …………
    The innocent personality of this woman is just adorable

  7. DevanyPlayzYT says:

    When I see Cardi B, fastest tap ever ??❤

  8. Rajeev Patra says:

    Cardi B is absolutely amazing.. she is funny honest quirky…

  9. Jennifer Herrick says:

    She is 100% real. I love it!

  10. Lol Killem says:

    You can take her out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of her

  11. Tejah says:

    I like her. She doesn’t have any shame or filter and it works for her. She is quite unique. I enjoy what music I’ve heard so far.

    • Tejah says:

      That is a lot of hate and what the hell does politics have to do with it? I commented on a pop star not the sorry excuse for a president. Am I liberal? I enjoy all types of music. I love Beethoven and country music too. Why yes I am liberal with my music. it is according to my mood. When you want to relax, enjoy, dance, or just listen while working does Trump come to mind? Sad for you if it does. Sometimes it is OK to just let that crap go. Leave it out. I don’t want to hear it. I want to hear the music I chose. I don’t want to listen to zealots with little substance. If you don’t like her music than don’t listen. You are not stuck with her. She is not making decisions for this country or the world. She is not responsible for making policies and shaping vital aspects of our future. What works for Cardi B doesn’t work for politics. I find it annoying I have to address that point. This isn’t a political commentary. Take your energy and use to effect a positive change. Plenty of famous people have screwed up personal lives and personalities. I’m not taking them home with me to get a lifelong friend in the form of herpes, just listening to a song. I would rather have herpes than be put in a room with some of this angry hating ignorant lot. Sounds like you have canker sores on the brain. Uneducated? OK then. You know what my education is now? Just like ya all know Cardi B personally right? I simply commented on how I liked her style and music. The fact some of you turned into a political arena and made intolerant, derogatory remarks clearly shows where the ignorance lies.

    • louloutre says:

      Since when is it good to not have any shame?

    • lisa ROXXI sandoval says:

      +c h

    • c h says:

      +Viix Vega
      That orange dipshit lowered unemployment to its lowest level ever, he defeated ISIS, created over 3 million jobs, make peace with NK, etc. The reason trump was elected is because Hillary is a scumbag and people would rather have a guy with no experience vs a scumbag like Hillary. I guarantee Bernie would have beat trump but Hillary paid off the DNC so he never got a real chance.

  12. jT says:

    1:26 she really said “brung” ??? I love her, she’s so cute when she’s nervous. You can tell she’s so nervous but starts to loosen up at the end. She looks beautiful ?

  13. MCU Talk says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s satisfying that her hair is soo straight?

  14. WELL Animated says:

    I love cardi b so much

  15. god is woman says:

    She broke my vigina ?

  16. Cray May says:

    Her outfit, her hair, her make up. On point ✨

  17. Tom James says:

    Cardi is mad ghetto, but she’s real. That’s why people love her.

  18. Imaan Achikzai says:

    I like how she’s not showing her baby to the public. It’s good to protect your baby like that when you have so many people looking at you.

  19. YouGon Learn2Day says:

    Had to google just to find out if “Brung” was a word.

    Turns out it is in some Shakespearean era.
    Cardi spouting intellect on our ignorant asses.

  20. Talisson Vianna says:

    Card is so funny and humble!

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