CAN’T BELIEVE WE SAW THIS! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea

CAN’T BELIEVE WE SAW THIS! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea

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Can we get this to 100,000 Likes?!?
First person to guess how many times they yelled “ELTON” wins a cookie!

TFIL goes on an alpine slide & takes on an obstacle course as their “warm up” video for the upcoming motorhome trip!

This is video TWO of THIRTEEN from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!

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43 Responses

  1. TFIL says:

    Make sure to Subscribe! This is part 2 of 13 from our road trip! Also! If you want to make extra spending money – check out Opinion Outpost right nowwwwwwwwww:

  2. pandastuff amazing says:

    this is how many time Corey yelled “ELTON” XD

  3. Frida Torres says:

    At 0:12 I loved when Sam and Colby waved there hands simultaneously

  4. Carrie Kelly says:

    Everytime I see tfil uploads…I have never clicked on any other videos so fast.

  5. Alexa Guzman says:

    At 9:08 Corey thought he successfully made it through without dying and he falls ahhh lmao I’m dead?

  6. Selina Thwaites says:

    Andrea: *was that graceful? Did I fall gracefully?*
    Also Andrea: *i don’t like it. I don’t like it*
    Then Colby: *can u run with just your knees together?*
    Andrea: (slight sarcasm) *yea*
    Also Andrea: *oh wait, no*
    Had me lol from start to finish lol

  7. JT Musics says:

    They say Elton so many times throughout the vid. 26 times I think.

  8. Lauren says:

    Can someone plz make a compilation of Corey screaming “ELTON!!”

  9. Rachel raptor123 says:

    Hey, so they were yelling Lucy, Lucy, Lucky, how many of you guys remember Stanley Hotel? Lol ?

  10. death boilin says:

    Sam: I got a good angle
    Corey: What? I want to see
    Sam: Ok should we get out of here or?
    Sam and Corey: *turns around*
    Corey: Oh that’s a good angle
    Colby: *peeks around sam while smiling*

  11. I Velvet I says:

    Grown men (and women) screaming for a whole video…

    *instant likes*

  12. Joshabeth Escobar says:

    uncle elton back at it w *quality content*


    everyone cheering on this lucy girl was so cute ??

  13. Jasmine Russell says:

    I literally watch these videos just to see Corey scream “ELTONNNNN” the whole time ??

  14. Aubs Doodle says:

    Lucy!! Natsu will catch you!!
    (Only me who gets the reference?)

  15. Halee Bohman says:

    I love that Andrea is in these vids now! Amirite? Love you guys!

  16. Lilley Maher says:

    Hey umm corey this is to you


  17. Kaylyn Carbaugh says:

    absolutly nobody:
    me: Colby’s hair looks like a bowl..

  18. Thrown Terror says:

    who else saw Elton loose his hat on that slide just me ok.

  19. Just Average says:

    4:04 i think we all missed Corey screaming ELTON

  20. jesse romana says:

    I think Colby and Andrea make a cute couple

    Don’t you think??

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