Can’t Get You More Pregnant – blink-182

Can’t Get You More Pregnant – blink-182

If you liked Pink Floyd’s landmark musical achievement “Dark Side of the Moon, you’ll probably be ambivalent at best about this new record by blink-182. FREE DOWNLOAD

We are excited to announce the deluxe edition of California, featuring 11 brand new songs and an acoustic version of “Bored To Death”, available everywhere on May 19, 2017! Pre-order now & receive an instant download of our “Parking Lot”, “Misery”, and “Can’t Get You More Pregnant”.

A limited edition, online only and exclusive 4-color deluxe vinyl with gatefold pop-up art is now available for pre-order!

** All pre-orders include an instant download of “Parking Lot” + random orders may receive a hand-numbered of 182 pieces, gold/metallic edition “California” deluxe pop-up vinyl.

ON TOUR NOW! Check for tickets in your city.

Video created by: Digital Marionette Studios

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20 Responses

  1. Bradley Lindsey says:

    Why are all the best riffs on the joke songs?

  2. Mauro says:

    I always wonder what the reaction of the producer is when they come up to him and say “Hey, how do you like ‘I can’t get you more pregnant’ as a new title”

  3. Aaron Olvera says:

    I miss you tom ?

  4. BringMeTheFuc*ingHorizon BringMeTheFuc*ingHorizon says:

    Which asshole dislike this???

  5. Michael Check says:

    Lol. Love it!!!! BLINK and Linkin Park with new albums releasing. I’m in heaven.

  6. MonstehDinosawr says:

    I love having notifications set for blink ?

  7. Chicken Permission says:

    Family Reunion 2.0

  8. LINK in Park says:

    All the joke songs have so much potential….

  9. Jaco Luna says:

    I was watching porn, but this is more important

  10. Jolly Monkey says:

    What’s the point in this song? It’s too short for the lyrics to go anywhere particularly funny or meaningful and the instrumentals don’t do anything all that interesting either… I feel like Mark just sort of gave up writing it

  11. Montana Lindsley says:

    Another badass riff wasted on a joke song. Dammit.

  12. Paul McCartney says:

    0:03 “Depends”

  13. blink-182 says:

    Grab the FREE download at ?

  14. Monique T. says:

    This would be funnier if they were in their 20’s

  15. Ravi Khan says:

    please make a song like asthenia 🙁

  16. Maximiliam Andersson says:

    Man, that riff rocks!
    And dang, Travis’ just going more all-out than ever!

  17. Orange Curtain says:

    Fuck new blink.. Tom delonge for life

  18. Invisiblephan says:

    “Built this pool” is still better XD

  19. MarsCryptic says:

    Remember when blink-182 was actually funny

  20. iForkSpoons says:

    it doesn’t even
    how is this
    are you fucking
    really? THIS is their new joke song? it’s not even funny, it doesn’t have a direction, musically or lyrically, and it just leaves me disappointed. Blink has lost their Blinkness. It all sounds so forced now.

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