Can’t Stop The Feeling PARODY! Key of Awesome #111

Can’t Stop The Feeling PARODY! Key of Awesome #111

What is the feeling in Justin’s body that he can’t stop? Watch and find out!

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Written by Mark Douglas and Doug Larsen
Directed by Mark Douglas
D.P – Bob Geile
A.D. – Doug Larsen
Gaffer – Mitch Davis
P.A. – Luis Ramirez
Associate Producer – Lisa Solimeo
Editor – Doug Larsen
Hair and Make Up – Liz Coakley and Kristen Alimena
Props and Wardrobe – Cara Alpert

Justin Timberlake – Mark Douglas
Diner guy – Mike Brown
JT’s assistant – Matt Giudice
JT’s cameraman – Doug Larsen
Boom Operator – Cara Alpert
Paparazzi guy – Steve Conroy
Paparazzi girl – Rachel Mann
Sharty’s employee – Andy Zou
Pharrell – Stefan Wise
Pharrell’s Lawyer – Mike Birch

Kevin Lieber
Lauren Franchesca
Grace Helbig
Jake Roper
Jen Morillo
Rob Czar
Corinne Leigh
Michael Gregory
RyRy the Gaming Guy

Music Produced by EMW Music Group
JT vocals – Sam Nulton
Pharrell vocals – Evan Gregory
Diner guy, Boom operator, Assistant, TMZ guy, Sharty’s employee – Mark Douglas
Mixed/Mastered by Anthony Galindo

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20 Responses

  1. Laura Van de ven says:

    Corine and rob ??❤️

  2. Brad Pite says:

    Because Donald trump make no free bathroom only one bathroom you need pay

  3. poczwarka85 says:

    This made my day! my exact thought when I was watching the original video

  4. PatronusHelice says:

    Mind over splatter, brilliant!

  5. cookie s says:

    will u get rid of the beard

  6. heyLalii says:

    Grace Helbig !!! Yasss

  7. Ju Lien says:

    the voice of the perch girl. lmao

  8. AnonGaming TV says:


  9. Ashley Holcomb says:

    Omg its rob and Corrine

  10. Lolita Sedyte says:

    I love this channel so much ❤ their parody is really funny and detailed
    (even the size of vid is the same)

  11. Lambert Kober says:


  12. luke73tnt says:

    What the hell happened to Barely Political why did they change it

  13. Hannad “The Limit” Osman says:

    Better than Bate Barker

  14. Lilza 101 says:

    Not gonna lie but graces dancing was my favourite bit

  15. SleeZee says:

    sweatshirt parody please!!!!!

  16. Evelyn Mariscal says:

    tbh this is the dumbest vid i’ve seen but i still love most of ur parodies

  17. John Ocaman says:

    I just want to be in the comments video. If I am then HI MOM!

  18. beggar1015 says:

    I don’t know who any of these people are. And they don’t know who I am, so
    we’re even.

  19. Alessandro Baggi says:

    Good Job! You even got in Jake from VSauce… cool!

  20. Alicia Smith says:

    Omg its Corinne I love threadbanger and like if you do xxx????