Canton Texas Tornado – April 29, 2017 RAW footage

Canton Texas Tornado – April 29, 2017 RAW footage

This was the worse of five tornadoes impacting Canton Texas and vicinity. Copyright Hank Schyma 2017. For licensing 4K tornado footage contact

At least two significant tornadoes impacted Canton Texas and vicinity, this being the second significant. In all, I witnessed five tornadoes on this day. This tornado tracked up highway 19 and passed just east of town. Northeast of Canton near Grand Saline I ran across the wrath of this beast. Several homes had high end EF2 to EF3 damage and several cars had been tossed. Along with several other locals, I searched the cars for people and found none. It didn’t occur to me to check a pile of rubble as I had no idea it was once a house. There a woman with minor injuries to her head and her husband with neck or back injuries rode out the tornado under a mattress. I was able to assist the woman to a hospital as we counted out blessings. More later…

Video Copyright Hank Schyma 2017 and not for rebroadcast.
To license contact

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20 Responses

  1. Sim Tan says:

    wholy crap i’m early

  2. Danny stroo says:

    I just really love the quality of your video’s! Keep them coming, we all love them!!

  3. Math M says:

    I hope that woman is okay..

  4. drumbasher says:

    How do you always seem to be where the tornadoes are? No matter what state or region…are you from the future?

  5. MELODY MUNRO says:

    Your’e a good man Hank.

  6. Trezy says:

    At my school we had a meteorologist / storm chaser visit us, he showed us a video of his only successful chase, but in it he and his friends were screaming BACK UP! But the tornado was a small one about a EF1 maybe EF2 and it was about 1 miles in front of them. I was going to bash my head against a wall. I maybe wrong but from watching your videos he was over reacting a bit.

  7. Denise T says:

    Man you’re not only a talented musician but also the worlds best storm chaser.
    God bless.

  8. Connie Owen says:

    Pecks Bill, I commend you for doing what was right in going, first of all, to investigate whether anyone needed help, and then, after finding someone who needed medical attention, taking her to the hospital. God bless you for caring for folks in trouble. Sometimes the tornado chasers come across like children off on a great adventure, but it is clear you understand the gravity of what great damage these storms can produce. I hope the woman you helped is OK. Were you injured in any way? I held my breath, wondering if you were just a little too close to the funnel, or in “the bear’s cage” as some like to call it. God give you discernment and wisdom in making decisions about your safety, and may He protect you from all harm.

  9. HapitokP says:

    Hey Hank, hope you don’t mind if I use your videos as a way of teaching my students(yes I’m a teacher) about extreme weather conditions and they really enjoy your videos on here. 🙂 Be safe out there and many prayers to that woman and her husband for a speedy recovery.

  10. Buster Townsend says:

    Pecos Hank, of all the chasers you are the best. You dont add to the chaos, you make way for and have great respect toward folks, and critters. And when you are given a chance to film or help you put the camera down and help. Other chasers could take great life lessons from you sir. Thank-You.

  11. Chris Brown says:

    Look up awesome in the dictionary and it says “Pecos Hank”

  12. C. D. says:

    Pecos Hank:

    Best tornado chaser
    Great short film maker
    Cares about wild critters
    ALWAYS checking that others are ok
    Taking folks to hospital
    Funny and cute as heck

    I’m nominating Pecos Hank to be on Wheaties boxes and dollar bills.

  13. Robloxgamer 23 says:

    For every like this comment gets is one prayer for that woman

  14. thrasherx2k1 says:

    That rotation of the wall cloud at 2:15 is unreal

  15. Top Trends says:

    Best Tornado Chaser alive at the moment.

  16. XFLEMAX WOLF says:

    ? I live in Texas and fav YT lives in Texas

  17. Katie H says:

    I could never live somewhere that I was worried about tornados, massive hurricanes, floods etc. just destroying my life out of no where… ?

  18. BugSplat says:

    *What is a tornado’s favorite desert?*

    Funnel cake 🙂

  19. Elyon Kunda says:

    Arlington anyone?

  20. Christine Camm says:

    Thank you for what you do! Be safe!

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