Captain Marvel – Movie Review

Captain Marvel – Movie Review

After all the social media build up, one thing is for sure…the comment section will be the nicest comment section in the history of comment sections! So here’s my review of Marvel Studios’ 21st film CAPTAIN MARVEL!


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102 Responses

  1. FlyingFree333 says:

    I don’t like feminist movies for the same reasons I don’t like Christian movies, they are badly written, put ideology before story and always put up a ridiculous strawman of the group they don’t like to try to make the ‘hero’ look better (the atheists are over-the-top evil for the sake of being evil, men are brainless meatheads). The Ripley character is an excellent example of how to make a strong female hero lead without sacrificing story and without making everyone else morons to make her look better, but then Aliens wasn’t a feminist movie, it was just a good movie that happened to have a female protagonist.

    • Mr Rose says:

      Ah yes, the other easily offended group.

    • jimmy nguyen says:

      The aliens movie did make other people look like idiots, they always ignored Ripley’s warnings and go themselves killed.

    • YouTubeVoice says:

      epgmreg. Well, here’s the thing. Cinema was created by white dudes. Written, produced, shot, edited by white dudes. You get it. It’s literally white male culture (just like comics). It got more diverse over time, but no one should be genuinely surprised about the big influence white males had on storytelling and still have. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone is more likely to picture a hero in ones own (idealized) image. Stereotypes aren’t surprising either, but it’s simply wrong to claim that all we get today are stereotypical idealized white males. Nothing could be further from the truth. We see a lot of funny, clumsy, incompetent, idiotic, shady, broken, decadent, insecure or anti-heroic male roles. You got to switch it up from time to time, after all. Arguably, it’s often the female side that is boring, because overly idealized and flawless. And that is due to feminism, not the male point of view. The “strong female” is the one that has lost most of its appeal, because it’s so overused these days, as well as too similar to the “strong man”. It’s also more difficult to identify with, because even less women are like that. There’s a reason why the male hero sells better than the heroine, overall, just like with men’s sports. The main audience for such genres is male. Female leads are more frequent in rom-coms and dramas, because those are what women gravitate to.
      That’s not to say, that men don’t appreciate female leads, of course, there’s plenty of evidence proving they do when done right. However when a ton of money is involved, the studios prefer to play it safe. Not great for the art, but who can blame them? Blockbusters are risky.

    • Sam Fisher says:

      Have you seen Passion of the Christ?

    • 憂苦と悲惨 says:

      read YoutubeVoice’s reply to you and let’s see your answer to that.

  2. Rick Jones says:

    Brie Larson doesn’t care what you think white man Jeremy.

    • Lean Mantern says:

      +X E she’s been in movies with white men, directed by white men, written by white men yet she hates white men? Can you show me any proof? I mean if she hates white men it really should be easy to prove.

    • Lean Mantern says:

      +JSSTyger aren’t these the same people who call people snowflakes for being to sensitive. Also aren’t these the guys against social justice? Why should we want social justice for offended white men if social justice is bad? i’m just trying to find the logic here.

    • Nick A says:


    • Lean Mantern says:

      +Rich B Wasn’t she just on Jimmy Kimmel show? Quite sure that disproves the notion she hates white men in general or doesn’t care about what they think.

    • muntu1221 says:

      +陳潔明 Her attitude sucks =/= she’s racist. I don’t care how good or bad her performance in the movie is. I wasn’t even talking about that.

      Those videos were “shut down” by like one YouTuber, and that’s only because they were by people with a decently sized following. And I don’t think you understand what you’re saying because all you said was that nobody is going to criticize people for criticizing Brie Larson. I honestly don’t know what you’re trying to argue here.

      I highly doubt you understand comparisons or what is and isn’t equal. People criticized the costume choices in a movie and were told to shut up. That’s different than telling people to shut up about a suggestion for a movie to be created. Why would you even be opposed to an all female version of Lord of the Flies? How is that equal to criticizing a costume design?

      And no, people didn’t say you couldn’t criticize Ghost Busters or Captain Marvel. They were telling people to shut up about feminists being out to take your movies from you. Still not the same situation.

      Oh yes, the issue of racism in the world is obviously that white men’s feelings get hurt because white women asked to hear other people’s opinions. You guys want me to believe that’s a real issue when you don’t think anyone else has an issue at all. Have you seen the hoops everyone else has to jump through to convince people a white guy is racist?

  3. HoboJoe2016 says:

    The fact that this is trending shows both how much fans expect to hate this, and how much of a mistake it was to hire Brie Larson to do anything.

    • Kevin Phoenix says:

      +Dickmelson Lupot She’d make a good Sakura Haruno with a forehead like THAT. lol

    • Accretion Disk says:

      +italkcrab holy shit alt right losers and their endless persecution complex whining is insufferable

    • wafflehacks67 says:

      +Sylvia Sassyone We have a troll here.

    • Anh Vu says:

      No dont blame Brie Larson, its Disney’s fault!

    • dustin myeye says:

      +Accretion Disk I don’t care what you feel towards me but I do care about the truth. That person’s comment wasn’t about being the vitcim. It was stating facts. The original comment they replied to was indeed being prejudice in multiple different ways. It also highlights the hypocritical nature of a certain sector of the political landscape. These people often align with the left.

  4. Benjamin Yoder says:

    I’m guessing the stupid moment Jeremy is talking about is fury losing his eye

  5. mavishill says:

    Alita is much better. Go watch that guys.

    • Maurice Johnson says:

      Im going to watch the movie regardless. I dont think the other performers deserve to be hurt over one person.

    • parareefa elias says:

      ​+Mandy Mace What isn’t good about Alita? Great acting, Most inventive action sequences than anything Marvel will ever produce, no overuse of stupid jokes. Bet you haven’t even watched, you’re only parroting what RTidiots say. They also trashed other fox productions for stupid reasons if you had read the reviews. Greatest showman because it didn’t depict PT Barnum as a bad guy (in real life he was according to the critics a “racist”), Bohemian Rhapsody (not gay enough for them), They trash Marvel competence all the time. Let’s not forget Sony’s: Venom (against their “give spiderverse rights back to marvel) and the initial rating for Aquaman was negative.

    • Mandy Mace says:

      parareefa elias I havent even seen Infinitely war im not a marvel fan I can take their movies or leave them. The movie was not good even though its got multiple academy award winners. I saw it and it did nothing for me. Fox news and 20th century fox are two different entities all those you mentioned are extremely mediocre films. I know you really buy into this victim narrative but its just not it.

    • Mandy Mace says:

      parareefa elias also Ive never seen so many people begging for critics to either validate or invalidate something. Like I never remember the reviews ever really meaning that much. Movies like transformers make bank despite the fact that there quality is inconsistent. Like reviews are not the end all be all. If the public is attracted to something they’ll go see it ie why they saw Rhapsody and Greatest Showman despite the fact that both are just okay. If the public decides to not see a film for example alita battle angel then they arent going to see the movie.

    • Solum says:

      +catt ya Actually Alita is owned by James Cameron and judging from the first movie, he wants to stay faithful to the source material.

  6. Basic Attacker says:

    Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superhero movies, no political agendas or sjw influences. Just character development and action

  7. leyenda61 says:

    Shazam is gonna skrull f#@$ Captain Marvel(‘s box office performance)

  8. Ryoka1 says:

    The fact that JJ has to give a prelude about “I’m just judging the movie on its merits. Please don’t hate me” reveals a lot about our culture now.

  9. Mkdubs 23 says:

    I hope that she isn’t the one to kill Thanos and “save the day” After 10 years I dont want the MCU to introduce a flat character right before the big fight of all the MCU for her to just come in and save everyone. I would rather have someone who has been in the MCU for more than a year, such as Captain America or Iron Man.

    • Irma-C ☆ says:

      I’ll take her saving the day if it isn’t done in one punch or some stupid overpowered shit. That would annoy the heck outta me.

    • Joseph Smith says:

      I really want iron man to be the finisher…. He started it all (cinematic universe wise), so he should have the honors to end it.

    • Nobblk Praetorian says:

      +Salem Andrada If that is true, I give props to them for thinking ahead and having backup plans.

    • Salem Andrada says:

      +Nobblk Praetorian yup. I hear they did something similar for spiderman in infinity war(?) Based on whether or not the deal with Sony went good.

    • Kevin Phoenix says:

      +Late Night Internet Show You mean she’ll steal the final kill like Vision did with the last Ultron bot?

  10. S M says:

    Wonder Woman: Rise of a Warrior

    Captain Marvel: Rise of a HERo

    • Salem Andrada says:

      +barbaro267 thats some next level logic right there

    • Jacckie Sparrow says:

      +joey zapata yoo lmao

    • Sean Wheeler says:

      +Salem Andrada True, but that doesn’t mean you should misgender people. He said three women are making something in his pants rising. Unless you know Joey personally, or have evidence suggesting Joey is female, we should treat him as a man. I don’t like it if someone mistakes me for a girl.

    • Salem Andrada says:

      +Sean Wheeler Gee, you must be fun at parties, huh? I’m taking the piss on her. If she’s so sensitive that one random asshole on the internet can hurt her feelings, she should get off the net and back in the kitchen.

    • Joe Smeeth says:

      +Sean Wheeler You talk like a lady. Pretty sure you’re a chic.

  11. Peter Nguyen says:

    Jeremy literally complained about everything we were all afraid of with this movie…

  12. colpul2 says:

    Sooooo you’re saying CM is less than Wonder, doesn’t ‘earn’ her moments, we’re told how powerful she is but never shown, lacks great personality and charisma….. so you’re saying its an accurate adaption of the the source material.

    • Ark Lyte says:

      +Dickmelson Lupot Re Nova and Xandar…I would totally have watched that movie! 🙂

    • BigMac8000 says:

      Hahahah that was savage.

      It’s still a bummer they can’t figure this character out.

    • Master Of Recipe says:

      Yep Captain Marvel in the comics is a shitty character so even if Brie Larson performs somewhat interesting in any way at all, then she is better than her comic book counterpart.

    • AJ 1998 says:

      Well. She was a cool character when she was just Ms.Marvel and not Captain Marvel lol

  13. Sergio Abreu says:

    3:43 that’s not saying much since Brie has the acting skills of a dead corpse

  14. Smurfie says:

    Top 10 Captains
    10) Captain Hook
    9) Captain Jack Sparrow
    8) Captain Kirk
    7) Captain Phillips
    6) Captain Planet
    5) Captain Marvel (Shazam)
    4) Captain Underpants
    3) Captain Obvious
    2) Captain America
    1) Captain Crunch

  15. Alexandria Vaun says:

    Black Widow should have gotten her own movie before Captain Marvel. Scarlett Johansson has paid her dues in the MCU.

  16. 343Imperador says:

    Go and watch the real heroine this weekend! Alita needs us!

    • parareefa elias says:

      Who cares if a movie needs us? Alita is the best time I’ve had at the theaters in a while. It’s what I’m watching this weekend.

  17. Chase Patrik says:

    You avoid spoilers so naturally, VERY NICE?

  18. Ragesauce says:

    Star wars last jedi was a feminist movie too, ask the fans how they liked it.

    • Ian Pruett says:

      Ragesauce It does not just end there.. Force Awakens into Last Jedi Rey who has NO experience with a lightsaber was able to pick it up and take on Kylo toe to toe and beat him. She had no training.. and the Force?? No one explains where she got it from. Even Finn picked up the lightsaber with no experience and lost to a Storm trooper. Keep in mind this is Skywalkers lightsaber.. On top of that Last Jedi had an idiotic woman who played the hero by sacrificing herself to save the crew and that nonsense.. the new directors do NOT understand Star Wars and on top of that interject their bullshit political ideas..

    • AJ 1998 says:

      Ppl didn’t hate it because it was a feminist movie. Ppl hated it because of how they made the males( including Luke) look like dumbasses compared to the females. If you do a feminist movie where the males aren’t shown to be idiots just to show that the female is powerful, ppl would like it . Example, Wonderwoman.

    • Accretion Disk says:

      When you’re a pathetic alt right eternal virgin I’m sure everything feels like evil femanism to you

    • dustin myeye says:

      +Accretion Disk or it could be that cramming political agenda into a movie creates a shitty movie.

  19. Akshh says:

    Yeah, it is like what I expected. I am gonna pass this one and watch Shazam! Instead.

  20. You're Right but... says:

    Love equality. Hate toxic feminism. Skipping this movie

    • TJ of Wakanda says:

      +Kevin Phoenix wtf are you talking about? The fact you got 8 likes is disturbing. When did she say anything about her hate being white? Lol as usual making up shit. I hate you part time racist.

    • jamesthemod says:

      Neo Nazi Im a white male. She didn’t offend me with her comments. All she did was call for more people of colour in her industry. If you’re offended by that then all I can do is laugh at you and call you a snowflake. Good day sir ?

    • Lloyd Christmas says:

      +Stepperot and you’re a racist/sexist bigot pig.

    • TJ of Wakanda says:

      +jamesthemod well his name tag explains a lot. I was going to respond to him but it’s pretty pointless. Never thought Nazis were Marvel fans lol

    • BLAIR M Schirmer says:

      This bonehead is a great argument for having the one-click option that permanently eradicates a channel from your interaction with youtube.

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