Car Crashed into Counter-Protesters of Charlottesville White Nationalist March

Car Crashed into Counter-Protesters of Charlottesville White Nationalist March

The governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville on Saturday as white nationalists, neo-nazi, and white supremacist marchers clashed with anti-racism and anti-fascist counter-protesters for the second day in a row over a plan to remove the statue of a Confederate general from a city park.

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At one point, a car crashed into a crowd of anti racism counter-protesters, and city officials said there were multiple injuries after a three-car crash.

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Car Crashes into Counter-Protesters of Charlottesville White Nationalist March

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20 Responses

  1. Hasdyrtea Klohjiukten says:

    Whose streets? CAR’S STREETS!


  2. akabaker80 says:

    Thanks Trump. Make America HATE again…

  3. PHISHIT says:


  4. Freedom to Film says:

    These racist should have their throats slit and their homes burn to the ground family and all. This is what god would do.

  5. Daniel Radomski says:

    Racism ??????????

  6. Big A says:

    Pretty cringe the plethora of white trash claiming to represent all the white! I should have gone out there selling Mtn Dew for $1 a can, would have made a killing!

  7. mal reynolds says:

    It was a black person that ran over everyone on the street?? black lives didn’t matter to them

  8. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Commies on one side and nazis on the other, this isn’t the eastern front people

  9. Reapers breath last death says:

    ” no lives matter” there fixed everyone can go die. Yay equality.

  10. WhiteIce44 says:

    White trash. White scum. White- wait, Im white

  11. Alexis Sánchez says:

    Trumps America 🙁

  12. Jared C says:

    I hate liberal COMMUNIST of any kind!

  13. Skydiver says:

    It was a drunk Black Lives Matter Loser that plowed into that crowed of Leftist Thugs. Notice how every Liberal Media outlet avoid showing she is black.

  14. Massimo Gioia says:

    Save your country, guys from the Jews and homosexuals!

  15. Mighty Cousintube says:

    Love how people call this terrorism and hate but ignore the BLM and Antifia riots in DC and other states which caused 300+ indecent people got hurt because of those SJWs.

  16. robert Watford says:

    It’s nice that these boys are waking up and standing for white pride!!

  17. AdamCarl7 says:

    It shouldnt matter what their belief is, ramming your car into a crowd because you don’t like what they said is cowardly and unamerican

  18. National Embarrassment says:

    Lock up all Trump Terrorist KKK Supporter’s. ????

  19. humblebumbled says:


  20. Angelo Luna says:

    i was actually laughing at these counter-protesters getting hit by the car. it would have been more funnier if it was an armored truck with spikes on front

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