Cardi b gets drunk and tells ALL her secrets!

Cardi b gets drunk and tells ALL her secrets!

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android

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20 Responses

  1. SACRED SARAH says:

    God has Blessed u Girl …remember that @CardiB

  2. 私の大きなペニスを吸う says:

    she sold her soul

  3. Aye Bee says:

    stay true

  4. Tkeyah Brown says:

    Run Cardi the industry ain’t right

  5. Regina Robertson says:

    Libra ?. We out here fucking up shit.

  6. Frank Jun says:

    i could listen to her all day . shout out to all my pretty black faces. las cara linda las cara linda de mi gente negra. singing Ismael Rivera song translated pretty black faces

  7. Sandra Ruiz says:

    this guy in the background is cosigning too hard. oh well.

  8. Kay Will says:

    She might not be built for the lifestyle but that’s what she signed for and gotta adapt to. It’s a dirty game

  9. Dareal Prince says:

    she needs to shut the fuck up. Its a sad thing that this thing got nominated for any award in hip hop. Its sad that you have lil girls looking up to her when there are millions of better examples out there

  10. V Fry says:

    idk what to say…

  11. Bllaaiirr says:

    Cardi stay true to yourself always boo. The industry is a dirty game but you’ll perservere thru the bullshxt.

  12. Jennifer Elllis says:

    stop being a angry ass grow up

  13. jay k says:

    “why gain the world & lose your soul!??” all success isn’t good success!..

  14. xo Cottin xo says:

    If she don’t like fame then all she has to do is go back to her regular life, it ain’t hard. She’s frauding.

  15. Yesenia Dejesus says:


  16. M Bolding says:

    It’s a cold world baby girl. Just know that you’re unstoppable and killemwitasmile!

  17. mesxxygigi says:

    ok well get outta the industry!

  18. N W says:

    this is some BS. 80 some likes and trending? terrible audio quality. Hey kids you are being controlled by what they want you to see.

  19. Houston from houston says:

    It is better to destroy,Than to create what is meaningless

  20. Elizabeth says:

    The question is, how the fuck can she walk around like that in DUBAI?

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