Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

John Mulaney presents Tonight Show co-host Cardi B with a special gift for her unborn baby, talks about pranking people with Tom Jones music and shares what it’s like returning to Saturday Night Live as a host.

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Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

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75 Responses

  1. esmaeel kassem says:

    Cardi B : *Breathes*

  2. Swift Butera says:

    i think that was cardi’s drink, and jimmy tried to stop him

  3. Aleah Holly says:

    im sorry but jimmy is so rude to cardi. I understand he does it for entertainment but i feel like he’s picking on her

  4. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Most straight forward person ever 😂😂

  5. btsillegirl says:

    idk which ending of the prom stories I wanna hear, cardi’s or the “my nana took me to prom” one lmfao tough decisions

  6. Royalty Gomez says:

    He lowkey looks like Barry Allen

  7. Shanice Rodriguez says:

    LMAOO Cardi B has no idea whats happening

  8. Witch Bish says:


  9. Christopher Higuera says:

    Jimmy Fallon doesn’t flow with shit he just makes things awkward lol if only this interview was with Conan

  10. k a y l e e says:

    ooooooooooh my god lmao i cannot handle this. dude i can’t breathe i’m laughing so hard. this is the best thing i’ve seen in, like, a month.

  11. k a y l e e says:

    “you _bought a limo?”_

  12. ISAIAHthePLAYAH says:


  13. Parida Snapesnapesnape says:

    *wha wha WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT*

  14. orando15 says:

    Omg John & Cardi were like such a great combo. Their conversation seemed more fluent & funny while Jimmy was like awkward in the background 😂😂😂.

    • Agret says:

      Jimmy really isn’t good at interviews, any of the clips you watch on here he always seems so awkward during them.

  15. Liam Owen says:

    So she didn’t tell him then…

  16. Sparckman says:

    skip all the parts where Cardi B isn’t talking ehehee

  17. BethAnn Mayberry says:

    This was so delightfully awkward. John Mullaney seems like the cutest, nicest, most hilarious person ever.

  18. Sonny D Rapper says:

    AAaaah one feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet and when one feels like a duck one is happy!

  19. lapaho ok says:

    i feel like even though she can be crazy sometimes but she will probably be an amazing, caring, funny mother 🙂

  20. Divo Galindra says:


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