Carmelo Anthony never had the teams LeBron, Dwyane Wade had | First Take

Carmelo Anthony never had the teams LeBron, Dwyane Wade had | First Take

Carmelo Anthony talks with Stephen A. Smith about the rumors of him possibly joining forces with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat in 2010, and how close he got to joining Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls. (1:50) Carmelo also discusses not playing on championship-caliber teams like LeBron and D-Wade had. (3:29) Carmelo adds his thoughts on his friends in the NBA that are clamoring for him to be on a roster.

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56 Responses

  1. Moshé X says:

    You mean to tell me the Nets can’t sign this dude and have him play while KD is injured ?

    • Gibran Leon says:

      why the hell would they do that??

    • H Gamil says:

      Moshé X melo wont sign with BKN, he knows that’s disrespectful to New York

    • Nicholas Hale says:

      @H Gamil why would melo care? Brooklyn wont sign him because he’ll disrupt the teams growing chemistry which needs to be high once KD comes back. Melo is a one man team, and since hes not an allstar anymore, theres no reason to sign him

  2. Road Running Buzz says:

    Melo chased that bag and it hurt him in the long run
    I still feel he deserves to be playing

    • Whysoserious says:

      Road Running Buzz how did it hurt him? You really think melo GAF about a ring if a bum ass team throw 200m my way am signing fck a ring

    • perrier gaz says:

      The bag ain’t that bad but you got to be able to look at bball as just a business and a tool, no ego.

    • Whysoserious says:

      perrier gaz bruh having a ego isn’t a bad think sometimes if you don’t have some of it your not a competitor without it basketball would be boring AF

  3. Myles B says:

    I screamed like I was watching a horror movie when Molly popped up at the end. Thought it was going to be a Molly free day

  4. stevieooo says:

    3 time Olympic gold medalist, ain’t no one can take that away hahaha. MELO still great and HOF, it’s sad team dont want him

  5. Nick M says:

    Melos going for the whole hour, he’s going for an espn job.

  6. Andrew Kim says:

    Teams want to develop young players. It is not necessarily Carmelo is worse than 450 NBA players.

  7. Never Lackin' says:

    Him not being in the league anymore isn’t surprising seeing Lance Stephenson had to sign with a Chinese team this summer and he’s been productive. ??‍♂️

    • Tristan DaVegan says:

      Yeah Lance had a pretty good season for Lance standards. Melo dont wanna come off the bench, idc what hes saying at the end of this video. And tbh it would be weird seeing him be a bench player.

    • John Davis says:

      That shit is ridiculous u can’t tell me not one of the 30 teams in the league could use lance’s playmaking and scoring coming off the bench

    • EIB B says:

      @John Davis same thing i said idk whats going on in the league when lance cant get a spot especially when teams like the knicks will give any tom dick and harry a shot.

  8. Jeremiah Davis says:

    Rose,Melo,Noah dame that would have been lit too see ????

  9. Anthony says:

    Yall need to put some RESPECK on Melo name. I ain’t going tell u no more, all tree of yall. Put some respeck on Melo name!!!

  10. Ty Shakur says:

    If Stoudemire wasn’t so injury prone when Melo arrived, they could’ve made a great run. Especially when they had the 57 win season with Shump and JR balling out. And the goat Novak

  11. Captainnn85 says:

    I was waiting for him to go like “ YALL KILLIN ME WITH THIS SH** MAN

  12. Hasade O says:

    The best team he ever played on was that Nuggets team with Billups.

  13. city limits says:

    Stephen A. Smith da real MVP!!! He out here given his homie a farewell interview… ??

  14. Romário Roges says:

    Lakers will sign him and he will be a champ next season.

  15. J Roc says:

    I feel these owners don’t communicate with the players and they go behind the scenes and say something else to the media.

  16. Kakaroto K says:

    He got Lin going and got mad cause an Asian guy was taking the spotlight.
    Meló choose the money over winning. He took the money from Denver and didn’t go to the Heat

    • tranell2009 says:

      Kakaroto K you dumb as hell for that statement, you didn’t notice that the lin was a walking turnover, dude avg like 7 turnovers per game in New York. New York got him gone, not melo

    • Mind Your Business says:

      Kakaroto K Melos the reason why he even played to begin with

    • RobTi says:

      They were winning when Linsanity was ongoing. When Melo came back they began losing. I remember because I watched every game back then.

  17. chris lyles says:

    Why is Melo NOT in Charlotte???? He’s with Jordan brand right (or was at one point)? Doesn’t make sense…

  18. JohnEboi says:

    Didn’t James bring a team of scrubs to the finals (before Kyrie and K. Love)

  19. erik puka says:

    This dude went from getting Mvp votes and dropping 62 to getting cut in 4 years And unable to make a 15 man roster

  20. - Milzzy says:

    Loved this interview, no bullshit just Stephan A asking tough questions and Melo answering with no interruptions ?

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