Carmelo Anthony never said anything about an NBA farewell tour | First Take

Carmelo Anthony never said anything about an NBA farewell tour | First Take

Carmelo Anthony sits down with Stephen A. Smith on First Take to discuss how hard it was to accept a bench role and how he wished his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder worked out differently. Carmelo (4:27) addresses the rumors of him wanting a farewell tour in the NBA and stresses that he can still play in the league.

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82 Responses

  1. frank datank says:

    “I felt like I loved the game more than it loved me” How he’s feeling is how tens of thousands of players (maybe more) feel not making it to the next level in their careers.

  2. roberto pacheco says:

    Melo “what do I need to do?”
    GM “take a paycut”
    Melo “situation isn’t getting handled right”

  3. Danny Ainge says:

    They really have highlight clips of Melo playing pick up. ??

  4. RichGotGame says:

    LeGM better be watching First Take.

  5. Aaron Robles says:

    Come off the bench on golden state, that’ll work out for you, or just sign back with the knicks ???

  6. brkjeff says:

    Got a future Hall of Famer up here practically begging for a slot on the bench SMH ??‍♂️

  7. Will Jones says:

    Melo can be a real weapon off the bench with the right team. Sixers sure could use him.js

    • Brand Gadfly says:

      @Shakia Frasier huh?


      Melo still has what it takes to start

    • Jason Bailey says:

      He still wouldn’t win a ring chill

    • Ezekiel Nichols says:

      Right I think that would be best for him because he almost at the end of his career

    • oz choppa says:

      @NYC -Jes my grandma can shoot, nothin impressive bout that, melo couldn’t even make the NBA without a jumper, he’s as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike too an NBA team, that’s why no one wants him..
      even as you said ,melo causes locker room issues before his even hired, and can’t play with young player’s because he stifles their growth, so why the fuck would anyone want him?. 🙂
      yeah no thanks, a ball hog that all he does is shoot, n too scared too take it to the rack, he would have had a good career in netball tho.

  8. Intelliiigent says:

    Whoever put the time stamp in the description deserves a raise. Just cause of that I watched the whole video

  9. Keeks414 says:

    “AYO P THEY SAID I GOTTA COME OFF THE BENCH LOL” ???MELO you’ve been humbled lol. Give him a contract.

    • manny77min says:

      @Patrick he wasn’t crying about lin he stated facts it was overhype and it was 1 week after they played miami at the end of that week lin got exposed and has been riding benches or reverse list since ….

    • ItsObsession NotTalent says:

      manny77min facts!!!

    • Erumster says:

      when he snickered at the question, it was obvious how big his ego was and that he wasn’t aware that he was declining

    • Zucio 809 says:

      @Patrick yup as a knicks fan i personally think he is he main reason why we didnt resign him

  10. DON says:

    Also, says a lot when his buddy in LA don’t pull strings to bring him there

  11. jreid100 says:

    Melo you still can score the ball bro but your defense is atrocious my guy ??‍♂️

  12. off headz says:

    At this point next chance Melo get he needs to start cooking everybody!!!! on the court ? BEAST MODE

  13. Dero LLV says:

    “I felt like the game didn’t love me back” damn I felt that one ?

  14. C.U Chati says:

    Stephen A and Melo rehearsed this interview, he had to come clean so he can position himself for a potential signing.

  15. Moaz says:

    This dude can give you 15ppg off the bench STILL. TF WON’T ANYONE SIGN HIM?

    • bombfirst157 says:

      He’s trash and toxic

    • Bryan _350_ says:

      Moaz not really he got his money, if he really wanted to stay he would have declined his option cant have team success and be paid alot

    • whathappenedtothedon says:

      @Bryan _350_ yes he is a liability on d, but there are plenty of players now with low defensive ratings that can’t also get you 15-20 a night. IMO the major drawback is that he is ball dominant, so he would be better suited for a situation where he is not taking the ball out of the hands of a more efficient player/s.

    • The Random Show says:

      bombfirst157 Stfu bitch!! Die HOE!!

  16. Elijah Cruzada says:

    Melo: Houston was the ultimate step-back

    Harden: ? *travels*

  17. YoutubeTruth says:

    Man im a Hornet’s fan…

    I know for a fact Carmelo can probably beat our whole team by himself.

    Ain’t no way you gonna convince me Bismack frigging Biyombo can land a job but Melo can’t…

  18. Eddie P says:

    Notice most things he says all comes back to him, even the game didn’t treat him properly at one point according to him ?

  19. marcus taylor says:

    Thankgod no molly no max no square ass Ryan hollins. Just Stephen A and Melo. THANKS

  20. Dave Gettleman says:

    Melo to the Phoenix Suns sounds reasonable. Nothing much expected from both parties.

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