Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty (Official Music Video)

Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty (Official Music Video)

The official music video for the single “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood, from the upcoming album Cry Pretty, releasing worldwide on September 14, 2018.

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Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Cry Pretty. © 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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43 Responses

  1. Meows Agent says:

    Who else is watching American idol as this came out?

  2. Mulanga Sarah Mbayabu says:

    “Sometimes my emotions get the best of me”😩😭💙💜🖤

  3. J.O says:

    Holy shit! I wasn’t ready for that notification 😭 Her best video in years 😍

  4. Jadyn Rylee says:

    Second comment: amazing song kept it up🤩😍😘

  5. Mimi ToAngels says:

    You can’t cry pretty. Then she does…

  6. Morgan Chapman says:

    Brooooooooooooo I love this woman!!!

  7. Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez says:

    I love the crying effect!! She looks so beautiful!! This song is so beautiful!! It makes me cry!!

  8. Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez says:

    I can’t listen to this without crying!!! Makes me so emotional!!

  9. CSX tails railfan 57th says:

    I listen to this song in my music Carrie Underwood is so pretty and cute

  10. Felicia Bourque says:

    Love her the song and the video

  11. Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez says:

    I want someone to make a video on how to do the crying effect!!!

  12. Anne Care Bears says:

    This music video made me cry…Beautiful and deep! ❤👏

  13. Tom De Fazio says:

    Amazing music and lyrics, awesome singing, and incredible staging! Just the perfect combination for a perfect video!

  14. Daenerys Clarke says:

    I love how vulnerable she is in this. This is such a personal song for her after what happened from the past few months in her life.
    All you have to know Carrie, is that you’re BEAUTIFUL INSIDE&OUTSIDE. No matter how unpretty you think your cry is.
    You are JUST NOT defined as a Celebrity, you are a Human Being and insecurities make you , you. 💙❤️
    Love you, Kween 👸🏼

    • Road Rover says:

      After she went on like she was the elephant man for the last 3 months? Yet we can’t see fuck all? She is sooo vain. I have lost a lot of respect for her.

    • Daenerys Clarke says:

      Road Rover she only addressed her situation ONCE a FEW MONTHS AGO on her Fan website even. She just said “ i might look a little different “ since she was still all stitched up. All those who keep adding drama were the media. She has insecurities and she didn’t want to feel like that when she’s out in public. It’s her choice. She never asked people to pity her. She never even went on any social media for months. She basically was on Hiatus from her career. Again, Have you even read what she said on her fan website that she addressed HER SITUATION ONCE?

  15. Diego D.logrom says:

    incredible I’m thrilled with your way of expressing your fears and weaknesses transform them into strength and beauty I want you to know that I’m your fan always and no matter your looks your status you Carrie will always be the singer that saved me from a failed attempt to end everything I I love you feel this feeling are not just words thank you for your strong voice I love you 😢💜

  16. American Idol says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it with us on American Idol tonight. Have fun with our Top 5!

  17. Brenda Ball says:

    You have never let me down. Love your music, your integrity and strength as a woman and in your faith. Thanks for such a wonderful song.

  18. Candy Castillo Vlogs says:

    I’m so excited to finally be watching this😭

  19. Candy Castillo Vlogs says:

    She has the most beautiful voice ever!!!

  20. Smile with Mel says:

    I have had this song echoing in my head ever since the ACM Awards! So happy this music video is out! 🙌❤️

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