Carrie Underwood – “My Savior” Performance (Live From The 56th ACM Awards)

Carrie Underwood – “My Savior” Performance (Live From The 56th ACM Awards)

Carrie Underwood performs songs from her album “My Savior” with a special appearance from CeCe Winans live from the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards.

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“My Savior” consists of covers of traditional gospel hymns and is a spiritual companion to Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album “My Gift.” “My Savior” is co-produced by Carrie and GRAMMY®️ Award winner David Garcia, with whom she co-produced her critically-acclaimed 2018 Platinum album “Cry Pretty”.

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42 Responses

  1. Raymond Delos Santos says:

    Her beauty, her vocals, her faith in God and this incredible performance made me realized that she doesn’t need any ACM award to prove her worth in the world of music. She is so much more than these awards. She is a God-given gift.

  2. Alexis Creek says:

    She took me to church and then to heaven her voice is touched by God

  3. Sunelle Elysielle says:

    Every song just shone in this live performance. This is so beautiful!!! Carrie soars with the name Jesus in her lips.

  4. Rose Duran says:

    She doesn’t need to be nominated for any award ….. She’s already received her award. Jesus 💛

  5. flipflapperd says:

    Could we appreciate the fact that Carrie sang acapella for almost a minute and sounded like an angel ❤️!! Gosh what a voice and control she has! And CeCe ❤️❤️ They both sound sooooo amazing and each took their moment to shine! In awe!

    • flipflapperd says:

      Watched it 10 times already. Such an iconic performance!

    • Jackie Bryant says:

      Those two ladies were amazing however they would tell All the praise and glory belong to Lord God, no awards needed. These ladies gave back with their God given talents, hope and the faithfulness of our precious Saviour Jesus Christ

    • Yali's Community says:

      Amen. Praise be to God!

  6. gthair says:

    CeCe Winans and Carrie Underwood have a spirit about them that is just Grace. This was wonderful and spiritual and lovely. God blessed us last night with their gifts. We need them.

    • Carrie Underwood says:

      Beloved, I don’t know you in person but God know you. God ministered to me in a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you,I saw blessings but spiritual attacks holding onto them,in prayers,i saw a woman in the realm of the spirit monitoring and plotting delay in your life, with an evil mirror, and with motive to destroy. But as I speak to you now her time is up, Render hand of favour with anything you can afford or give to these motherless foundation (Miracles MOTHERLESS FOUNDATION) in kebbi State Nigeria before 2DAYS with faith, as I Rise my hands towards heaven and pray for you they shall serve as point of contact wherever you are, you will receive double portion of grace to excel and total restoration of breakthrough in your life and in the life of your family. Ask for their acct details on WhatsApp now and also help them call the MD in charge of the orphanage home to get their details on WhatsApp or Email (+2348140024486) (
      tell him I sent you. For it is not by might nor by in power but of the spirit faith the lord (zechariah 4:6). You shall testify to the Glory of God in your life. God bless you.

    • GRETA FIELDS says:


  7. Autumn Snow says:

    The Modern Awards Show Industry: “You can’t sing a medley of gospel songs on an awards show, that’s old fashioned and outdated. No one will care.”
    Carrie Freakin’ Underwood: “Hold my holy water for a minute.”

  8. Jimothy Jams says:

    Carrie was snubbed for awards and instead of boycotting she takes the stage and delivers the MOST powerful performance of the year! A true icon

    • Carrier Underwood says:

      Hello are you one of my special true music fan?

    • Kathy Shirk says:

      Praise God are percious Lord in Savior! Carrie you were surely blessed by our precious Lord in Savior with such a beautiful voice to sing on to him and your faithful fans. Thank you and God Bless you!

    • Carrier Underwood says:

      @Kathy Shirk amen thanks for the prayer I really appreciate would you like to have more conversation with me ?

    • regina hall says:

      @Carrier Underwood hey Carrie Underwood I have a foster family me name is Chris from Edmond Oklahoma I want you to adopt me to be my mom Chris from Edmond Oklahoma and I want to go to one of your concerts when you come to home Oklahoma this year never been to one of your concerts in Oklahoma Chris from Edmond Oklahoma I love you Carrie Underwood ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I want you to adopt me Carrie Underwood Chris from Edmond Oklahoma

    • regina hall says:

      Hope you get my message Chris from Oklahoma

  9. Steven Sushi says:

    Carrie is absolutely amazing. This was so good I literally thought it was unreal. But I mean it’s Carrie underwood! 🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  10. raydunakin says:

    Wow! What a joy to hear them sing these beautiful old hymns! Both ladies have such great voices!

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