Carrie Underwood Performs “Ghost Story” | 2022 CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood Performs “Ghost Story” | 2022 CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood performs “Ghost Story” at the 2022 CMT Music Awards. Check out more at

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20 Responses

  1. Steven Sushi says:

    WOW! That was amazing! The acrobats and all! I didn’t expect that AT ALL!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. BT says:

    The Queen of Country Music! Carrie Underwood never fails to ENTERTAIN us.

  3. G Moleta says:

    She never fails and always find ways to ENTERTAIN us since she started her Career.
    FOREVER ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR (( even tho Country music award shows always snub her even with her overflowing yearly stats ))
    Carrie Underwood, 2010’s – present Queen of Country 👸🏼

  4. Welshy King says:

    Her mic FOREVER stays on and she SINGS the life out of these songs. I just love her so much. So artistic and continues to add layers as a overall performer.

  5. Jessica Nelson says:

    I expected something to happen with her being lifted but never expected this… it was amazing I loved it

  6. e1234 says:

    From when I was 5 years old watching her win American Idol, to being 23 watching this now… she never ceases to amaze me. Always my number one. A true legend.

  7. Emilie Manes says:

    And this is why she’s the Queen of Country music! She never disappoints us with her performances. And this one is so daring! To be able to not those notes while hanging upside down? Iconic!

  8. joel vasquez villanueva says:

    I loved it! Wow Carrie you keep getting better and better. You push yourself as an artist! I love it

    • robert gardell says:

      That is exactly what Carrie wants to do. Pushing herself every time. As she puts it. If you don’t want to push yourself, then get out of the business you are in.

  9. warriorbard says:

    When this song first dropped, I had it on loop for so many days I was starting to get concerned. However, from this performance it’s easy to see why it’s such a stellar song and wow, the aerial silk dancing really added to the whole set. Cheers for a great job well done!

  10. Tremblay Now says:

    What an incredible performance! Carrie always delivers! I cannot wait for Denim & Rhinestones!

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