Carryn Owens, widow of William ‘Ryan’ Owens | President Trump addresses Congress

Carryn Owens, widow of William ‘Ryan’ Owens | President Trump addresses Congress

Trump says Gen. Mattis says Owens was a part of a successful raid in Yemen. Trump said Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero —battling against terrorism and securing our Nation.

President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress on Tuesday for the first time. “The theme will be the renewal of the American spirit,” according the White House press secretary Sean Spicer. The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, military spending, border security, immigration, trade deals and jobs are certain to be mentioned.

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20 Responses

  1. Reaper Grim says:

    Go USA thank you soldier

  2. Lemmy Fuque says:

    President Trump kicking ass. DemocRATS go insane! Note how Trump rubbed ObamaCare in the RATS faces! LMAO

  3. Sonyag1 says:

    Trump used Owens’ widow as a prop. Trump called in this raid over dinner and didn’t have the sack to be in the Situation Room when the raid went down. The raid was approved with half baked intelligence. Even President Obama wasn’t going to call in that planned raid until there was better information about what would happen. We got bin Laden and lost no SEALS. Trump is a disgrace. He then blamed the Generals for the raid going badly. If this is winning, we need 2020 to come soon.

  4. Gustavo De Paiva says:

    This idiot just sent her husband to death and she continues to honor him? Lol


    I`ve heard a lot of President`s the last 50 Years, also great Reagan. But this was the best Speech i ever heard in my Life. God bless this great Man.

  6. Glimros says:

    Dem. Keith Ellison and Debbie Wasserman Schultz refusing to clap for the sobbing widow of a Navy Seal, plain DISGRACEFUL!

  7. eltingville81 says:

    Obama sent hundreds of Military Americans to their graves.

  8. Pepe The Frog says:

    Hands down one of the Greatest speeches made by a US president.

  9. Pancake Lazaro says:

    All the triggered liberals not even honoring the SEAL. Yall are a disgrace to America.

  10. Naddy Boo says:

    Shameful the way he used that poor widow for his own purposes!! What an asshole!!

  11. Jasmine Tea says:

    Is Ryan the guy he got killed? Is he the one who he sent to his death due to not listening to his advisors? I’m sure there will be more deaths due to Putin’s orange cum dumpster.

  12. Man From The Fuure says:

    in this comment section expect buzzwords about liberals from Trump supporters, people with no knowledge of the full story of what really happened, blind support, not understand that the father of the killed navy seal when given the chance to meet Trump he didn’t and is now asking for a full investigation of what really happened, Hypocritical Trump supporters saying shit like “its war, people die, that happens” but then make a complete 180 “saying well Obama sent thousands to their death” completely ignoring the fact that they both sent soldiers to their death. *I feel for this women but don’t think for a damn second that Trump is somehow being patriotic when he is the one responsible for the Navy Seal’s death. The US Navy Seal’s father didn’t even want to meet with Donald Trump, and even called for an investigation.*

  13. zackzach says:

    Y’all should understand what happened during the raid instead of being chained to the rhythm of applause. This is politics at it’s best: persuading the people into believing in the politicians.

  14. Jordan Moser says:

    To anyone comparing the bin laden raid to this one is just wrong. Bullets fly and people get hit, just because someone died in this raid doesn’t mean anything. If this man didn’t die, Dems would be Tuting their same horn.

  15. KWIZ DOT says:

    And many of the SCUMBAG Democrats REFUSED to stand for her. She lost her fucking Husband only a couple WEEKS ago, fighting ISIS. You mother FUCKERS are scumbags. I hope the Democratic Party rots in Hell.

  16. GunAndBomb says:

    Trump is a murderer.

  17. Casimir says:

    Only a mentally ill liberal could get upset at a president for honoring a woman who lost her husband…I mean I can’t even comprehend what goes through their minds? This was a beautiful moment that even other liberals like Van Jones remarked was great for uniting the country

  18. Stoney Curtis says:

    How many children were killed in this failed raid in Yemen?
    9 kids all under the age of 12…
    Who is crying for them?

  19. Greg Raines says:

    shameful for Trump to use this woman and her pain for political reasons. he and Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner casually made the decision that got those people killed. I’ll be waiting for the Benghazi style hearing to begin, but I won’t hold my breath.

  20. Throw Away says:

    Trump sends man to his death on a poorly planned mission, signed the order for the mission over dinner, didn’t get the guy they went after, didn’t get any Intel, killed dozens of civilians. Tell me again how this was a “complete success” and how liberals are traitors 😉

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