Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking

Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking

DOWNLOAD BEME (it’s free) and add SKYDIVER;

Music by Johnny Rock


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20 Responses

  1. YouTube Fan says:

    Why should somebody skip Casey’s video? Why?

  2. RhodesVlogs says:

    This is perfect

  3. Avanti Devdikar says:

    I never wanted this vlog to end :’)

  4. egor RVNK says:

    Thanks for that. Short and sweet.

    PS. is there lens clips for goPro? (similar to iPhone lens clips)

  5. Ferity says:


  6. Austin Doub says:

    Great video Casey! I’ve been looking at the t6s, and you might have
    convinced me…

  7. Drew Hancock says:

    Can you please do a video on how to use Final Cut Pro? I think it would be
    cool if you had a channel devoted to tips and tricks for cameras, movie
    making, software

  8. Jay Scanlan says:

    Awesome thank s man

  9. RonsLens says:

    At the 6:15 mark of the video, this is the start of the secret sauce, to
    making movies/videos. Thank you, Casey, nice info!

  10. Sernik Bulando says:

    Nice!!! I only have a question:What external hard drive do you use/does he

  11. Tony Bullard says:

    “Gear doesn’t matter” is not the same as “Gear isn’t everything.”

    Casey obviously believe gear matters, because he keeps buying replacement
    lenses and cameras that are huge and heavy and not convenient. When he
    shoots on something else, he sometimes apologizes for the quality. So he
    obviously DOES thing gear matters. No, it’s not everything, but to pretend
    it doesn’t matter at all is just being silly.

  12. Hoogy King says:

    The guy at the end is a fucking badass

  13. Film Edit says:

    thanks Casey well appreciated keep up the amazing work!!!

  14. SlyApex says:


  15. Joseph Schumacher says:

    Two watches at once! Nice!

  16. preiti s says:

    Always osm ??

  17. samfaitloler says:

    I guess casey just explained why I prefered his older movies. The story is
    not there anymore with the vlog, at least not as much as before… :/

  18. jgarf 16 says:

    Casey videos content and quality is way better than Romans and he deserves
    to be more recognized for his work

  19. Sean S says:

    I love these videos! Too bad they only come about once every few weeks

  20. matthew fasold says:

    i wish he had listed the cameras in the description.