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58 Responses

  1. Wow *wink* says:

    “Do you have something against raccoons?”

  2. Nuka-Cola Fanatic says:

    This hypothetical situation feels real and gives me pain

  3. pixel pixel says:

    I live in Germany and that never happens… Like never in no way…
    We only talk about the food we buy and If it’s nice…

    I am sorry for you?

  4. Ilovelazers says:

    Can confirm, I work in retail and my manager yells at us if we don’t ask whatever the monthly donation is every time

    • King Deded3 says:

      Ilovelazers in the Netherlands this doesnt happen. We dont bother people with donations or tips. We rule

    • G.v.M says:

      +King Deded3 No in Holland they try to force themselfs in your fucking house,
      and you have to push them out.

    • AnythingAlexis says:


    • Jingo says:

      yes i agree, i hate asking people if they want to donate because i know the answer is no and i know it just feels like were pressuring them and if they don’t they probably feel like assholes or that we think they’re assholes… but i feel the same way q.q i feel like if people want to donate then they will, so why do we have to ask them????

  5. Frosted_Heart says:

    I just wanted cereal. Now I have 3 children. Now I have to share my cereal with them.

    You should’ve went to a different line

  6. Ipad Air says:

    The animation is so smooth.

  7. Audrey Schmitt says:

    Are Canadians nice or not? The big questions in life

  8. Morgan Carder says:

    *S O M A N Y C O L O R S* ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

  9. i like ur shirt says:

    Lol same with ytbers when they literally spend 222223333 mins talking about giveaways and 2 mins on the actual vid lol

  10. It's Alex Clark says:

    Jesus. Dom – full color ?!- stop making me up my game!

  11. zaikatron 3000 says:


  12. ZedArioX says:

    *For the 1% who sees this good luck in your future!* ❤️ They are good content creator 👌
    *Im shouting people out to people that sub and like this comment.*

  13. Katie Tran says:

    To be honest

    I prefer the the black and white animations 🙂

  14. KatStudios S says:

    This is why I shop online

  15. Cimi .m says:

    I just wanted cereal.
    I just wanted to have a nice bowl of cereal.
    You guys didn’t even have the one I liked.
    And now I have three children.
    * deep breathe in *
    And now I have to share my cereal with them.

  16. Jenjenblob says:

    “Hey, you wanna hurry up over there? My bananas are melting.”

  17. Vertexity SkaPe says:

    This is triggering me more than making me laugh

  18. Snowice2008 Version Uno says:

    I hate manager cashiers because they annoy you with sponserships like ” DONATE THE F UP TO HELP A LITTLE KID WITH LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS BY NOW “

  19. Wunderful says:

    My bananas are melting

  20. Romar Chavez says:

    “And now I have 3 children. Now I have to share my cereal with them” 😂😂

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