Cassetteboy vs David Cameron – Gettin’ Piggy With It

Cassetteboy vs David Cameron – Gettin’ Piggy With It

Thanks Dave.


Today I want to talk
About me and pork.
I get a kick out
of getting my dick out
So let no one doubt
It’s going in a pig’s mouth.
As I said,
I’m gonna get me some head
From a pig who’s dead
This is big
I’m gonna stick my dick
In a pig.
Gettin’ piggy with it.

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20 Responses

  1. Keyboard Dancers says:

    I’m waiting for someone in Parliament to call him and his cronies

  2. TheLastFangirl says:

    I need this as a ringtone

  3. Ralf Rath says:

    Hello British people! We should not to forget that we all have our problems
    and that british people should not have a heart of darkness! So we must
    help – help the refugees, help poor people! – so we must give alwayse a
    sign of humanity, solidarity and good will in our world of disaster today
    even with those people who have problems with animals – even if this poor
    animals are dead animals or pigs – this does not mean that dead animals
    have no rights !

  4. Communistbaconeater says:

    121 Tories disliked this

  5. Tommy Cooper says:

    to late for summer No 1 but a feel hopeful for the Christmas season
    …could we have the extended mix please ? and pass the apple sauce

  6. marymungoandmidge says:

    Hilarious!!!! Crackin up!!! ?????

  7. Reece Mckenzie says:

    I dont believe it i think someones telling porky pies

  8. sleeplesseye says:

    Other famous Brits were also members of the same Piers Gaviston Society,
    such as London Mayor Boris Johnson, Conservative MP Rory Stewart, Hugh
    Grant, and Rothschilds scion Nat Rothschild. Are they fellow pigf*ckers

  9. I wonder if this is the longest username out there says:

    Waiting for David Cameron to address the nation with…” I did not have
    sexual relations with that pig ” ???

  10. makingtheboy says:

    That was fast

  11. Vortex Traveller. says:

    Cameron is getting jiggy with that piggy!

  12. Jose Boile says:

    Excellent!! Though to be fair I don’t really hold it against him, couldn’t
    care less if he smoked a few spliffs either. I hate him because he’s a
    massive wanker doing his utmost to attack Britain’s working/benefits
    classes whilst at the same time profiting from it and handing tax payer’s
    money to his aristocratic mates!

  13. Barry Allen says:

    Cameron fucked a dead pig – I thought he had a look of guilt at Thatcher’s
    funeral last year.

  14. Jake O'Connor says:

    That’s pretty neat

  15. Jessica Farnham says:

    Fucking genius

  16. Simom Cousin says:

    This man is running our country and bombing other countries for lack of
    democracy!!! Just unbelievable!!!!

  17. Time 4 Tom says:

    This jus made me realise just how ugly he is haha

  18. jtb303 says:

    there’s one for muzzers… pig fucking PM… he means to destroy islam one
    pig at a time…

  19. Jean-Pierre Mellor says:


  20. Feck Orff says:

    The pig was supposedly dead, so can we add necrophilia to his list of