Casually Explained: Evolution III – The Human Player Type

Casually Explained: Evolution III – The Human Player Type

Hope your playthrough is going well and that you liked my painting.
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20 Responses

  1. Bill Cunningham says:

    i got so drunk once i drove to cincinatti. i live in nashville. pretty crazy waking up on the ground in a completely new city.

  2. Sohail Karan says:

    levels 12-18 have bugs on the relationship levels, hopefully the devs fix it soon

  3. raed abdulmajeed says:

    OMG that was so genius, at first i thought it was an actual game until u said

    “as u get to level 18 u basically finished the tutorial”

    LMAO well played.

  4. Tom Kerkmeester says:

    This seems fun, where can I buy it?

  5. Joe Lindsay says:

    I’m stuck in a weird loop where my in game currency seems to be stuck at or around 0, hoping to exploit the lottery side game to solve this

  6. Lermieboy says:

    rn in the game im about to rage quit

  7. Diogo Almeida says:

    Don’t forget that if you disobey server rules, punkbusters will temporarily ban you to a private limited server up to 25 years. And in the more hardcore servers, you get permanently kicked.

  8. Artie Taylor says:

    When you don’t need notifications on because you’re always on youtube…

  9. MReluctancy says:

    I need help.. I bought the college DLC and although my intelligence and communication skills have gone up, the game still says I’m unqualified for any occupational roles. Has anyone else had this problem, or know how to fix this glitch?

  10. Stephen O'Connor says:

    College is P2W.. this makes so much sense

  11. Ricky says:

    Anyone else having trouble deciding what to put skill points in? I’m at lvl 23 atm and I see all these awesome skill trees and players that have unlocked most of its perks, like languages, and science and arts, but I’m just kind of putting points in random skill trees whenever I see another player with a high lvl in that tree. But now I’m still not good enough for competitive mode.

  12. Anshuman Jain says:

    Just completed the tutorial but the College DLC really gives you a run for its money. I’m playing it in a hard difficulty and don’t really listen to parent players so they kicked me out of clan and this new relationship meter seems to have a bug cause it doesn’t really go up at all. I give this game 2/10

  13. SomeMiceDrinkingTea says:

    “If they haven’t advanced their parenting skill tree, you end up with really screwed stats for the rest of the game.”

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  14. Tiara Uchner says:

    my character is experiencing disadvantages since the early levels due to “childhood trauma bug” i don’t know what the fuck that means but the therapy features claim to fix it. been incorporating them into my game play for 7 levels now but it kinda doesn’t really fix the issue? help?

  15. Randy071290 says:

    This may be the best video I’ve seen all year.

  16. LateNightTelevision says:

    My parent players had advanced parenting skills and my stats are still fucking shit, this game sucks. Caillou can eat a dick.

  17. Shadi Hanna says:

    Pick the red zone if you’re going for a speed run. I’m fucking dead ;-;

  18. Querglh says:

    that moment when you spawned in Norway and the college dlc is free here

  19. DareToDieTV says:

    This game came out like a billion years ago, and 90% of the community already prestiged. When are developers gonna rollback the servers and generate a new map/ranking system?

  20. Marcus Phillips says:

    It seems great at first, but as you go, you realize that the game is pretty much a

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