Casually Explained: Is She Into You?

Casually Explained: Is She Into You?

Based on a true story.
Dedicated to Jimmy.

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20 Responses

  1. Person yomom says:

    How to know if she likes you.(OR NAH)

  2. TheSuperXDTeam says:

    “Can’t tell”????

  3. Nicholas Vongphichith says:

    art at its best

  4. ShadowKnight523 says:

    Wow this stuff is just…… AMAZING

  5. MonkeyspankO says:

    Here’s a hint: Hi, I’m NAME, I think you’re cute. Want to talk?

    Mind blown!! Millions saved.

  6. Cyanix Music says:

    This guy is gonna get millions of subscribers

  7. The Main Shadow says:

    I ligetamally thought it was seriously and was going crazy until it got to
    the bed one

  8. Isaac Aragon says:

    yea and then you get married………… is she into you? ………….yea
    still can’t tell

  9. ItsmeBaconMan says:

    Take This W??

  10. kidvapor1 says:

    you can tell this video is BS, i just checked Netflix and Wall-E isn’t on
    there.. well DVD only, but no one uses that.

  11. Light “TW_Network” Void says:

    Thanks for these tips man, now every girl in high school is avoiding me.

  12. zerr0ww says:

    subscription earned – that was bloody hilarious

  13. m/ AngelofDeath m/ says:


  14. Jonathan Ortiz says:

    “Cutie McBooty” hahaha I’m dead

  15. Scott Maynard says:


  16. Kaisley Cordero says:

    lol that last one

  17. Ethan Stephens says:


  18. IGotNoname NoSurename says:

    1:04 She definitely didnt skip leg day.

  19. IGotNoname NoSurename says:

    bruh this channel about to blow up like GradeA’s channel

  20. HoustonProductions1 says:

    It really got me there…